Today and Yesterday Too

 This baby is lucky he's cute!
I have to change my clothes about 4 times a day due to different bodily fluids of his.
 I should just wear a poncho!
 Look! He's got my chins!

 When I was taking this picture of Jesse, Katie stood on the hearth of the fireplace and was saying, "Peppa! Peppa!" 
Um....What are you doing Katie? 
"I just want to talk to her! Why won't she talk to me?!"
She's in her bathing suit, because we were about to go swimming at my sister's house. And her cheeks are peeking out, because this is last year's bathing suit! 

Anyway, Peppa never answered. What a pig! 
( I do remember thinking little singing people lived inside my radio as a kid, so I get it.)

We did have fun at Aunt Kelly's though! 

About 4 hours of swimming made for an early bed time tonight! 

Yesterday we had our Donut Friday donuts delivered to us by my friend Michelle and her cute kids!
This sad thing about this picture is that my kid is saying "DONUTS!" as I'm taking this picture and the other 2 normal kids are thinking, why is this lady taking a picture of us eating? 
Katie has had a donut picture taken just about every Friday of her life! 

This is a terrible picture, but I wanted to remember a fun night!
Last night Grease was playing at an old theater in downtown Grapevine.
We had the best time. 
And you could get drinks, candy and popcorn for $1 each! Normally you have to mortgage your house for movie snacks. I think we might go see Goonies in August!

Both my kids are in bed and I want to do the same, but we have Sunday lunch here tomorrow. Soooo, I need to ignore the fact that I am domestically challenged and get a roast in the crock pot, fold some clothes and clean some toilets.


sl said...

He is so cute!! Even if you have to change clothes all day! Remember this too will pass! Enjoy this days when he is so little. Love your blog!!

Amy said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, referred by Kelly's Korner. I just noticed the fabric on your living room windows. I ordered pillows made of that same fabric on Etsy last week. I'm salivating over your curtains. LOL!