3 Months!

Jesse Bryant is 3 months old! 

 Here is is at 1 month:

And 2 months:

And now 3 months:

He is turning out to be quite the happy baby! He loves to smile and talk to us. He loves his sister the most! And she is so good to him. 
Lately, most nights, he's just getting up once around 3:00. He still sleeps in our room, but we might kick him out soon. We'll see...I'm not quite ready yet. 

My friend from church, Lisa, made his cute onesie. It came with pants too, but they are just a little too big. And she made Katie the most adorable outfit that matches! I need to get their picture together. Easier said than done, I'm finding out! 

Lisa sometimes has things on Zulily. She's super talented.

I love these colors together! 

And now this video is 3 months old, but I love it. This is Katie telling all our family in the waiting room that her "brother is out!"

And this reminds me that we need to take some more videos, because I haven't since the hospital! Whoops. This is when it would be convenient to have your own reality show. Besides for the scandals and divorce that go along with it.


Nicole said...

He looks just like Katie! So cute!

Twinkle Terrior said...

I love matching the kids outfits - of course it used to annoy my brood LOL .......my mini-van was a mess of smashed cheerios, spilled juice boxes and happy meal fries scattered about. When the oldest was 16 and we offered the van ?? We got the proverbial "sorry I would rather walk" (that did not last long) LOL