A Charmed Life

 My camera battery died. It seems like a monumental task to go and charge it. So I haven't had it to take pics of our fascinating life. Just imagine if I had to develop film?

So these are pictures from my less than fancy phone.

Katie just finished up a fairy class at our rec center. It met 4 times and it was pretty cool. On the last day they got a tutu, a wand, wings, a headband and a bag of candy!  Katie Belle was in heaven! Those are all a dream come true for her. PLUS they had a parade at the end of class!
 It's as if they asked her how they could make her life complete.

My Aunt Carol came to visit this week! Jesse enjoyed meeting her! 

 And my dad and Jesse. The 2 Bryants.

On Tuesday night we decided at the last minute to go to 6 Flags, because the weather was perfect!
Marcus's sister and our niece,Melissa came too.

We had lots of fun. My sister was nice enough to watch Jesse.

Last weekend we had a sleepover with my other niece and nephew, Morgan and Ryan.
We went to Chuy's! yum.
Jesse was a good dinner companion. I feel like our days are numbered on that!

 Katie got a tea set from Aunt Carol and has used it everyday. 
She was served Frosted Mini Wheats on her little plates. Those are the same as crumpets, right?

Today we met my friend Staci and her cute girls at Chick fil A. Staci and I met through my blog lots of years ago! 

Katie will often say, "This is the BEST DAY EVER!" And she's right. That girl is living the life! Just wait until the real world of kindergarten hits in a year. 
Maybe we should start being less fun?

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Staci said...

Oh, she makes a gorgeous fairy princess!! So fun having a lunch date! Glad we were able to do it. I'll never think of a "refill" the same way!