A Frozen Four

My little girl is 4!
Like most 4 year olds this year, Katie had a Frozen party! 
My friend Catherine made the invitations and several decorations.

I got Katie's shirt from Etsy and of course I had to get her brother an Olaf onesie:

My niece, Melissa, made the awesome cake! Katie couldn't believe it when she came in! 
Best cake ever! 

We still just have family parties, because all our family lives close and there are a lot of us. 
This year Katie's BFF's Charis and Drew came. They are really family too. 


My parent's with Jesse. He got passed around a lot!

Poor girl hardly got any presents!

My brother in law, Jeff tore his Achilles tendon the night before playing soft ball. So he had to recline most of the party. Surgery is in his near future. 

Jesse loves Ms. Courtney!

Cake Time!

The birthday girl and the Cake Boss. 

Katie loves cake! 

And presents! 

Melissa, Katie, Jennifer. Cousins! 

Uncle Fifi (David) He gave her some pretty pink heart earrings.

Cousin Jeddy:

An Elsa dress from Nonni! 

Cousins Morgan and Ryan gave her a jeep for her doll and a camper too. Marcus is excited to play with that! 

Aunt Sisi (Lisa) made Katie some super cute dresses! She's so talented! 

Poppa and Annie (Marcus's parents)

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Darren:

Nonni and Grampy. (my parents)

Pinata time! 
This is the best picture of Charis ever! 

Then we went to Marcus's brother's house to watch Frozen!
Uncle Fifi and Aunt Sisi to Katie Belle! 

Pretty amazing! 

Silly Drew and Charis. 

Our own personal movie theater.

Jesse fell asleep on the way over. (a 5 minute ride) He slept though the whole movie. 
When we got home, I left him in his car seat and put him next to my bed and he slept until 3:30 am.
He must have partied too hard! 
We did lots of celebrating with our 4 year old over the weekend, but if you've made it this far, you are already an honorary family member. I will save the rest for later!


Cheryl said...

Such a cute party....Katie looks like she enjoyed it....and your niece?????....OH.MY.WORD.....she is so talented....that cake is amazing!!!!

Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Katie Belle!! I cannot believe she is already 4! I have been following you before Katie :)

Jesse is adorable....watch out he will be 4 too soon too ;)

Your niece is amazing. Her cakes just keep getting better. Each one is unbelievable and then she does another that is out of this world! Love them all!!

Twinkle Terrior said...

what an awesome celebration! Love the skirt from Etsy too!