Free Shipping

Hey, if you're local and want to try out the 3D fiber lash mascara, I'm about to do a bulk order. So that means NO SHIPPING. I will do the order and you can pick it up from me. 

I will be placing the order in the morning, so let me know if you're interested.  (and we have lots more than just mascara!)
If you want to know more about this awesome and naturally based mascara, read here. 

If you are not local, you can order here. 

And if you are thinking about joining this super fast growing company, you get free shipping on your presenter's kit for one more week. That offer ends on July 31st. 
Sign up here

And if you're annoyed that I am mentioning mascara again, sorry. For reals. I don't want to be a used car salesman! 

I just really love it, I think it's fun, I feel good about how it's made, and I love how this company is making my friends and lots of other women financially secure and beyond. 
Some are financially rolling in it!


Anne said...

Love the mascara Dina! Thanks for sharing!

Sherrie said...

Today is 27th so I'm probably reading it too late to get in that bulk order. I am local...just checking to see if maybe the order hasn't been placed.