The 4th!

I'm talking about the 4th on the 8th. That seems about right these days! 
And I just did a post about Jesse's 3 month birthday and scheduled it back in time on the 3rd, to pretend like I did it on time, like a good mom!

We had a super fun 4th.
 The sad part was that Marcus had to work! The fire department can't close for holidays!

We started the day at a little parade in my sister's neighborhood. 
We decorated Katie's scooter. It was hard to make a pink and purple princess scooter look patriotic! 

The fire truck even came to be apart of the parade! 
(sadly, not Marcus's department)

This was Jesse's face after a quick little honk honk and siren from the firemen! I sure hope he grows out of that.

Katie did great in the parade. She took a little short cut and finished early. It was HOT!
She cooled off with a popsicle. 

We took a little nap and then headed to my brother in law's house.
(Marcus's brother. And my family came too, but I was bad about taking pics of everyone!)

Melissa's cupcakes:

David aka Fifi and Poppa
(Marcus's brother and dad)
And Katie going down the little roller coaster! FUN!

This is Katie's, "I'm ready to swim!" Song and dance:

I didn't choose to put on my bathing suit with such a large audience, so Katie had to wear her lady bug. She's a pretty good swimmer, but it's better to be safe than sorry!  

She jumped off the diving board a million times. 

The really nice thing is that we could stay in the back yard for fireworks. They were SUPER close. 
That made it nice and convenient with a baby. 

My mom and Jesse. 
He fell asleep half way through the show!

It was a fun day, but we missed Marcus a ton!
I am SO thankful to live in America. It's getting a little crazy here, but it's still the best place in the world to live.


Miss G said...

You are seriously looking SOO great!! love that red dress! Kelly

Twinkle Terrior said...

Love the front door decorations at your family's house too!