His and Hers

 I have mentioned before how Marcus and I are opposites. We like different things and see things different ways. It's ok. It works for us. And now I'm seeing how our kids will benefit from that too.

I was just saving pictures on the computer from our phones and our "opposite-ness" shines through in our pics of Katie!

On Friday she went shopping with my sister and me at Ikea. 
I let her dress like Elsa

She saw this big picture of New York, stood in front of it and said, "it looks like I'm really there. Take a picture!"

So with me it's shopping dressed as a princess
 and with Daddy, it's fishing in the country dressed like this...

and holding a snake skin! 
Grody to the Max!
She does still have on a princess shirt though! 
She's all girl! 

They spent the night at the deer lease last night and had the best time. She was so excited to tell me that she found a mouse in the grill! (right before they cooked their hot dogs!) Cinderella loved mice too! 

Praying she gets the best of both of us!


Sara Lynn said...

She is so pretty dressed as a princess and a country girl :) and I agree GRODY about the snake skin!!!!

donna said...

I love this post! It is a perfect representation of who Katie Belle is.

Staci said...

Katie is officially braver than me. I'd have fainted at the sight of that thing.

Twinkle Terrior said...

Kids are the best of Mommy and Daddy ...thank heavens :) and in our case ? with a dash of quirky from Nana