Party Animals

We have been some partying fools this summer! 
Lots of birthdays to celebrate. 

Katie went to her friend, Gunner's pool party. 
They met when they were 1year olds at MDO. Gunner was always so sweet to Katie. The night her pacifier got "broken" (I cut the end off) it was Gunner that Katie was calling for in the night. They had a special bond. We don't get to see him often enough, but I hope they stay friends. 

Katie has also gotten to go to 3 fun Frozen parties this summer, besides her own. Those were all a big hit! 

I got to party a little bit too! 
Last week we celebrated a few girls' birthdays!
We went and had dinner then...

Oh yes, we went to a Karaoke place! 


Here's cutie Catherine. She was the official bday girl that night!

Thankfully we had a little room to ourselves, so we could sing our guts out!

Anna was in love with the tambourines. And they loved her back! She was good!
We all covered ourselves in hand sanitizer after we left. The place was a little shady, but we had the best time! 

The day after that, we went to ARKANSAS! 
We went to visit my friend, Tori.
I don't have a picture of us together, but here are our cute kids.
Katie loved hanging with Avery and was totally impressed with her dress up selection!  

That was our summer vacation. Not much sounded doable with a 4 month old. So visiting fun friends was perfect!

THEN! Yesterday was my sister's birthday! 

We went out to eat to celebrate. 

Jesse played musical chairs.

Katie, my mom, and me 

Katie was making lots of wishes in the fountain. 
Lucky for her, I am super rich in pennies!

Wishing really hard... 

Marcus holding my purse. I had to take a pic, because if he is EVER holding my purse, it's usually held out 10 feet in front of him.

Glenn Bryant (my dad)
and Jesse Bryant
I think that might be the cutest picture ever!

I always thank God for our friends and family. We are blessed beyond measure. 
They make for a joy filled life!
And a birthday cake filled life too!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

You have to frame the picture "Wishing really hard" - so cute! You have your Dad's smile..the picture of him holding the baby - you can really tell he is so proud of his grandbaby and family :)