The Greatest Show and Cotton Candy on Earth

On Saturday we took Katie to the circus!

My mom watched Jesse for us. It will be fun when he's at an age of appreciation for stuff like this too. Right now he just wants to know, "What do you have that I can chew on? And you're not even  going to think about putting me down, right?"
We had a great time. The acrobats were amazing! They all need to try out for American Ninja Warrior. They would do awesome.

OK, if this were Marcus's blog, this is where he would say, "How much could you fathom paying for cotton candy?" Then he would proceed to tell you that it was $14! 

Thankfully, Katie totally enjoyed it.

And thankfully it came in this super cool hat Marcus is wearing.
We are brilliant parents and brought light up things with us. 
That saved us $25. 
We are not tight wads, just trying to be good stewards. 
Katie was happy!

And these are my sweet kids before church on Sunday. 
They love each other so much. 
We keep warning Katie that one day Jesse will waddle in her room, grab all her toys and then drool all over them. 

I hope giving her the heads up will save some drama.
We bought her $14 magical cotton candy.
 I feel like that should count as a down payment for being patient with your little brother.


The Howell's said...

Cute photos! BTW, you look great! :)

Twinkle Terrior said...

How fun.... we would use that line for our wee ones whole life "we love you so much that we bought you $14 cotton candy when you were little". LOL

Cheryl said...

Oh.my.word.....$14 for cotton candy??? That's awful......I'm absolutely positive cotton candy doesn't even come close to $14 to make......trying to rip good parents off. Kudos to you for still getting Katie some!!!!

Brooklynn said...

You look great!!!!!!!!

Second, I think $14 for cotton candy buys way more than a down payment!

Third, next time you get rid of Katie's clothes, I'm there! I LOVE the dress she has on. Cutie patootie!