Fall Fell at My House

 This weekend I decorated for fall. 
I LOVE to decorate for seasons and holidays.
 It makes me happy.
 Katie loves it just as much, and that makes it even more fun.
She always oohs and ahhs and tells me I'm doing a great job. 
She's an encourager, for sure!
 I got a little spray paint happy with my turquoise!

It's a little fallish inside the house too. But I'm still waiting on the cleaning fairy to show up before I take pictures.

I can already tell I'm not going to be a great "school" mom. I am not a fan of homework. 
And I'm a procrastinator. 
Katie had to decorate this person to look like her. We've had it for a few weeks and it's due tomorrow. I chose to start it at 8:00 after Katie's bath tonight.
 She was the gluer and the nose and mouth maker. 

It is taking all my self control to not redo that nose! I'm not really a control freak, but maybe more than I thought?
She must be channeling her Italian heritage with that nose. Or maybe Olaf?


Friday Favorites


I'm linking up for Friday Favorites. I LOVE looking at every one's favorites, because then I might find a new favorite!

1. Honeycrisp Apples are back!
They always come out in the fall and they are heavenly! They are super sweet and juicy and as big as your head! For me to be raving about a fruit, it has to be good. I usually rave about desserts or cheeseburgers.

2. I'm excited The Voice started again! I love that the judges are kind to the contestants. And I love that they are funny also. I only got to see about 2 seconds of it, but I am thankful for my DVR. I guess that should be a favorite too? I think the DVR makes me a better mom. I might resent my kids if I didn't know my shows were recording during bed time routines! 
That's a little sad.

3. The morning weather is my favorite right now! 
We have been enjoying being outside. And my husband's fireman schedule is my favorite too. We were at the park on a Wednesday morning, while all the other dads were at work!

4. Hobby Lobby is always a favorite, but H.L. with Christmas decorations! Super duper favoritest favorite!
And I love that Katie gets just as excited as I do!
I feel like I could drop a million dollars in there, no problem!

5. I'm going to continue with the Christmas theme. Carter's was having a great sale, so I stocked up on some Christmas jammies for my kids. I like to be festive 24/7 during the holidays. So Christmas PJs are a must. They will be cute in their matching penguin PJs. It's still sinking in that I have 2 kids. My favorite thing about this purchase is that I used my mascara money! No need to disturb the budget. (not that I budget) 

6. The best for last:
This book! 
Hope for the mom who needs to breath. 
I got invited to a Mom2Mom group and we are covering this book. It could not be more timely for me. So far, I really love it.
They have a website here if you want to know more. 

One of my favorite quotes from the book:
"And above all I need to remember that "good" motherliness has nothing to do with how God sees me. Nothing. I am pleasing to Him on my good days and my bad days. His love for me never wavers...and never will. Because I am His."

Amen and Amen.


Too Many Topics For a Title

I'm starting to feel more like myself this week. 
I have been having a hard time keeping up with life, really since I got pregnant last August! That's a long time to feel behind. I still have a "to do" list a mile long, but I am slowly accomplishing things. 

One thing that helped me enormously is ditching my family last Thursday night. 
 My parents were out of town, so I stayed at their house. 

 First I went to Hobby Lobby ALL BY MYSELF and browsed for an hour! (Christmas is 3 months from today!)Then I got some dinner and headed to my mom's. I watched TV and did some reading and some praying too. I wouldn't make it 5 minutes being a mom if I didn't have God.  
Then I SLEPT! I made the crucial mistake of forgetting my breast pump! My milk supply woke me up at 4:30. Marcus stopped by in the morning and I fed Jesse, then I SLEPT some more. It did me a world of good to have some time for my mind and body to rest. I hope I can stay at their little hotel again! I'm thankful for a husband that can easily deal with 2 kids for 24 hours.

We've been going to football games on Friday nights! 
Katie was in love with this cardinal. She loved the cheerleaders too!

Last weekend both of Marcus's parents ended up in the hospital. Thankfully they are both doing great now. 
Thank you God.
This was the waiting room and Katie kept calling it the "Chip Forest".

 She got a commemorative hand balloon at the hospital. I'm sure that added $400 to the room charge!

 It's still pretty toasty here, but the mornings are nice and cool. We went to the park yesterday morning and it felt wonderful!

We fed ducks...

And sadly, this crane didn't have a proper burial and was put in the garbage!

Last night one of my Senior girls got baptized. 
 I was so happy to be there. I brought Katie with me to watch too, because she thought the girl would have to go straight to Heaven after that. I just wanted to clear things up a little. 

And I finally got a picture of both my kids and me. I think the last one might have been from Mother's Day? I'm always the one taking pictures.
Today I decorated the front yard for fall and it was good for my soul to make things festive. I will take some pics soon.

Now I just need it to cool off. My scarecrow will feel pretty silly if it's in the 90's!


Give Me An R!

We watched my cutie nephew, Ryan, in his first 7th grade football game. 

Katie couldn't believe that I had her wearing "just a regular dress"! She NEEDED a cheer leader outfit and some pom poms!
(at least I had her in the school colors!)

Ryan won his game and Katie was so proud. 
I will have to be on the look out for some blue and white spirit attire! Or maybe she can just wear her Elsa dress to the next game!


To Market, To Market We Go

 Yesterday I had to go to the Dallas World Trade Center for some jewelry and scarves. 

A cold front is coming in and I needed some scarves stocked at Golightly's! 
It will be a freezing cold 70-something degrees!
Yesterday it was 101! 
So us Texas girls will be excited about some scarves this weekend!
 I brought 2 other generations with me. 
One was planned, one was not!

Katie was in her camo dress, because I thought she would be hanging with her dad! 
He was more than willing to have both kids, but she really wanted to come with us.

Look what a good dad Marcus is!
  He combed all the knots out of Rapunzel's hair! I wouldn't even think about attempting to do that! Katie tried to braid her hair like the little girls did in the movie. Katie doesn't know how to braid!
 It was a mess and he got it nice and smooth. 
He's got perseverance, even when it comes to Barbies.

Here are a few scarves ready to go...
 I got all light weight ones for now. 

And I stocked more headbands too. They have been selling like crazy. 
I'm a little addicted to headbands right now myself!

After we were done "working", Katie and I ate at the Golightly's tearoom. 
It was so good. She's in heaven, because she had her very own tea pot filled with pink lemonade. AND she got a unicorn necklace when we were shopping. 
This girl lives a charmed life. 
She better let me live with her when I'm old!


The Boy is 5 Months Old!

Jesse is 5 months old...plus a day, because I'm always tardy these days! And when I say "these days" I mean the majority of my life.
He always has to be chewing on something.
That's why he is desperately trying to get his tootsies in his mouth! 
I feel like he is changing and growing everyday. 
 I know things will start to go fast now! We will have a walker in the next 6 months or so. I've got to baby proof this joint!
Jesse loves to socialize and be with people. And he really wants to be held! He's gotten better about being put down for short periods of time. 

The other day, I had him in his stroller, in the bathroom, with the bath water slowly running. He loves that sound. I had 30 MINUTES to get stuff done! He was completely content.
 ( I know some might be appalled that I wasted precious water, but I promise you, it was totally worth it! I will take one less shower this week, K?) 

Here's big sister Katie at 5 months old.
 I will say that having a boy is WAY less maintenance. 
No bows, no tights! 

Katie and Jesse love each other. 
I love his little hand on hers:
I told Katie that next month is Jesse's half birthday. 
She said, "I think he wants to go to the bounce place for his half birthday!" 

Do you think he'll be ready for a trampoline next month? 
I'm making my mom nervous right now. 


Firsts and Frustrations

Today was Katie's first day of Pre-K.
 She did great! 
Sometimes when I drop her off at church or school, there are some tears. She's a little attached to her Momma!
I might be a little attached too. 
 No tears today! She was brave.
 My sister in law, Lisa, made this cute dress for Katie. She made several for her birthday!
I have really been looking forward to today, because I need some routine in my life. I also need 2 days a week with one less kid. I am really struggling to get much accomplished and it's so frustrating. So in my head, I just kept thinking, SEPTEMBER 2nd! That will be the day you can start getting your act together lady! 
Well, Jesse had other plans! He cried the entire day! Maybe he missed his sister? Maybe he's getting a tooth? Maybe he likes a messy house? I don't know, but it made me sad.

I know that everyone says, "these days go by quick. It's more important to enjoy your kids than to clean your house, or get things done." I agree that time spent with my kids is never a waste of time. It's more important than most things. BUT, I do actually have to get things done. Like for reals! I'm not talking about have the house spic and span. I just mean not have it scary or gross and to have clean underwear for everyone. 

I have hope that I can find a balance. Or enough money to send Jesse to school too! 

I just needed to vent a little. And warn you that if you come over you might trip on some dust. 

 I did find time to feed Jesse some rice cereal finally!
Well, Katie did anyway.
He's not a fan yet. 
I liked his cereal goatee though! 

And Katie was sporting a Nutella mustache from her "chocolate" toast. 
I love my kids. 
And I know they love me even though I am domestically challenged!


His Mom Labored on Labor Day

It seems like all my posts lately are about birthdays.
I guess that's what happens when your life is filled with people you want to celebrate.
Today is my favorite person's birthday!
Marcus is 39! 

Our niece, Melissa, made the awesome cake.
Melissa is Marcus's sister's daughter. Just in case you were wondering.
 My family orders her cakes too though!
Those are our dogs on the cake. Blue and Cash. It's been a loooong time since they made the blog. I guess the kids knocked them off. 

Marcus does not care one teensie bit about balloons or decorations, but I just HAVE to! 
 His fave, dogs and camo.
And this is the only picture I got of almost everybody. 
We celebrated yesterday after church.

Today is the opening day of hunting season, so that means Marcus had plans! 

Last year right before Marcus blew out his candles, Katie yelled, "I'm going to be a big sister!" 
And now look...
Honestly, I still can't believe it!

It's still 200 degrees here, but September 1st means it's practically holiday time! I'm getting excited. 

And tomorrow is Katie's first day of Pre-K! 
It's just 2 days a week, but I am hoping it will mean I can start catching up with my life. I'm about a year behind. Being pregnant and having a new baby will do that to me.