Fall Fell at My House

 This weekend I decorated for fall. 
I LOVE to decorate for seasons and holidays.
 It makes me happy.
 Katie loves it just as much, and that makes it even more fun.
She always oohs and ahhs and tells me I'm doing a great job. 
She's an encourager, for sure!
 I got a little spray paint happy with my turquoise!

It's a little fallish inside the house too. But I'm still waiting on the cleaning fairy to show up before I take pictures.

I can already tell I'm not going to be a great "school" mom. I am not a fan of homework. 
And I'm a procrastinator. 
Katie had to decorate this person to look like her. We've had it for a few weeks and it's due tomorrow. I chose to start it at 8:00 after Katie's bath tonight.
 She was the gluer and the nose and mouth maker. 

It is taking all my self control to not redo that nose! I'm not really a control freak, but maybe more than I thought?
She must be channeling her Italian heritage with that nose. Or maybe Olaf?


Brooke said...

haha...OH HOW I LOVE THIS! I am notorious for taking over crafts with my kids....I scared my first three away and none of them will tolerate creative activity with me of ANY kind. My fourth is too strong willed to let me bulldoze her, so she has a fighting chance. Maybe. ;-)

Procrastinating? It's after midnight and I'm still awake....supposed to be proof reading a paper for my son that is due in his homeschool co-op tomorrow. He asked me first thing this morning to proof read it today. OOPS.

I suppose I shouldn't be reading any more blogs...

Lisa L said...

The nose is adorable!
I love your blog and all your colorful decorating.