Firsts and Frustrations

Today was Katie's first day of Pre-K.
 She did great! 
Sometimes when I drop her off at church or school, there are some tears. She's a little attached to her Momma!
I might be a little attached too. 
 No tears today! She was brave.
 My sister in law, Lisa, made this cute dress for Katie. She made several for her birthday!
I have really been looking forward to today, because I need some routine in my life. I also need 2 days a week with one less kid. I am really struggling to get much accomplished and it's so frustrating. So in my head, I just kept thinking, SEPTEMBER 2nd! That will be the day you can start getting your act together lady! 
Well, Jesse had other plans! He cried the entire day! Maybe he missed his sister? Maybe he's getting a tooth? Maybe he likes a messy house? I don't know, but it made me sad.

I know that everyone says, "these days go by quick. It's more important to enjoy your kids than to clean your house, or get things done." I agree that time spent with my kids is never a waste of time. It's more important than most things. BUT, I do actually have to get things done. Like for reals! I'm not talking about have the house spic and span. I just mean not have it scary or gross and to have clean underwear for everyone. 

I have hope that I can find a balance. Or enough money to send Jesse to school too! 

I just needed to vent a little. And warn you that if you come over you might trip on some dust. 

 I did find time to feed Jesse some rice cereal finally!
Well, Katie did anyway.
He's not a fan yet. 
I liked his cereal goatee though! 

And Katie was sporting a Nutella mustache from her "chocolate" toast. 
I love my kids. 
And I know they love me even though I am domestically challenged!


Twinkle Terrior said...

You are NOT domestically challenged darlin'!! It was just "one of them days"! LOL Katie looked adorable in the cute dress!! Yall have alot of talent in the family- pattern and material on the dress-PERFECTION. I'm sure baby bro missed Katie :) One bit of advice for a gorgeous young Mommy from an ole one? If given a choice between pee-wee tuition and a maid??? PICK THE MAID !! LOL hugs

Dina said...

Yes! A maid! That's exactly what I need!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one domestically challenged. I have 5 girls ranging from 8 to 22 and I can't ever find enough time to get things done.

Fabiola Andreia said...

I am so sorry you feel you are domestic challenged. It happens to all of us. As you can see, I completely disappear from the blog world, because work full time, take care of Heloisa, Hubby and the house is just too much. And I have a housekeeper twice a week and my house is always looking like a tornado pass through.

Just take a deep breath.

Big Hugs,


Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

GIRL - I know how you feel. I was at home with my 3 year old daughter all summer and started counting down the days until pre-k started. My countdown was Sept 2 too. I don't have a little one and my daughter goes to four day a week pre-k, so I was able this week to get a lot accomplished. I know they say you are supposed to like a dirty house because that means happy kids, but for me I am like, "I NEED TO CLEAN!!" It will get better, I am sure you know that. But you are SO not the only one in that boat! Her dress was adorable by the way!!

donna said...

I love the pic of Katie feeding Jesse. She is a wonderful big sis