The Boy is 5 Months Old!

Jesse is 5 months old...plus a day, because I'm always tardy these days! And when I say "these days" I mean the majority of my life.
He always has to be chewing on something.
That's why he is desperately trying to get his tootsies in his mouth! 
I feel like he is changing and growing everyday. 
 I know things will start to go fast now! We will have a walker in the next 6 months or so. I've got to baby proof this joint!
Jesse loves to socialize and be with people. And he really wants to be held! He's gotten better about being put down for short periods of time. 

The other day, I had him in his stroller, in the bathroom, with the bath water slowly running. He loves that sound. I had 30 MINUTES to get stuff done! He was completely content.
 ( I know some might be appalled that I wasted precious water, but I promise you, it was totally worth it! I will take one less shower this week, K?) 

Here's big sister Katie at 5 months old.
 I will say that having a boy is WAY less maintenance. 
No bows, no tights! 

Katie and Jesse love each other. 
I love his little hand on hers:
I told Katie that next month is Jesse's half birthday. 
She said, "I think he wants to go to the bounce place for his half birthday!" 

Do you think he'll be ready for a trampoline next month? 
I'm making my mom nervous right now. 


Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Got to give her cred for sneaking that one in there!

donna said...

NO TRAMPOLINE! I will get the bubble wrap once he starts walking.