To Market, To Market We Go

 Yesterday I had to go to the Dallas World Trade Center for some jewelry and scarves. 

A cold front is coming in and I needed some scarves stocked at Golightly's! 
It will be a freezing cold 70-something degrees!
Yesterday it was 101! 
So us Texas girls will be excited about some scarves this weekend!
 I brought 2 other generations with me. 
One was planned, one was not!

Katie was in her camo dress, because I thought she would be hanging with her dad! 
He was more than willing to have both kids, but she really wanted to come with us.

Look what a good dad Marcus is!
  He combed all the knots out of Rapunzel's hair! I wouldn't even think about attempting to do that! Katie tried to braid her hair like the little girls did in the movie. Katie doesn't know how to braid!
 It was a mess and he got it nice and smooth. 
He's got perseverance, even when it comes to Barbies.

Here are a few scarves ready to go...
 I got all light weight ones for now. 

And I stocked more headbands too. They have been selling like crazy. 
I'm a little addicted to headbands right now myself!

After we were done "working", Katie and I ate at the Golightly's tearoom. 
It was so good. She's in heaven, because she had her very own tea pot filled with pink lemonade. AND she got a unicorn necklace when we were shopping. 
This girl lives a charmed life. 
She better let me live with her when I'm old!


Staci said...

I'm going to need that orange chevron scarf! I have to get over there!!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

I have heard that liquid fabric softener mixed with water, then sprayed on doll's hair, gets the tangles out. I have been wanting to try it on our Rapunzels!