6 Months

 Jesse Bryant is 6 months old!
His half birthday was on Friday, so we had to celebrate with a train ride in Fort Worth.

Katie celebrated with a bag of popcorn!

 I think he's pretty cute.
 I say, "It's a good thing you're cute!" at least 3 times a day...or night.

 One night he slept 9 1/2 hours in a row. It hasn't happened again, but now I have hope!

On Friday night we ditched the birthday boy and went to Six Flags.
My mom was nice enough to stay with him. 

Katie is a dare devil. 

Can you see her and Marcus on the top left. She has her hands in the air. It went a lot higher than this too. 
I am way too skeered to go on this ride. I don't like heights. 
In fact, Katie is always "the mom" when we go on rides together. She always tells me "now don't be scared. I will take care of you."

You can't see her here, but she and Marcus are going up that roller coaster! 
She is 4! It's a good thing she has a dad. 

We had fun celebrating Jesse, with and without him!
We are thankful God chose to expand our family!


Unknown said...

Yes, Jesse is the most adorable little boy. That head of hair... Oh my! My lil' boy is just 6 wks old & looks like a little old man ... Bad balding hairline & all! Ha!

Love your blog,
Courtney in MI

bella said...

Jesse is just so cute! My grandson Ashton is one month older than him, but was a preemie. They are so fun at this age.