A Cheap Thing and a Free Thing

 Jesse's sleeping is slowly improving

Last week I was trying to decide if I should start just letting him cry at night if it's not the appropriate time to be awake. 
I feel like anytime between midnight and 7:30 am is a completely inappropriate time to wake me up.

In situations when I don't know what's best, I ask God. So that night Jesse woke up at 4:45, I let him cry a little and then I went to feed him. His stomach was growling SO LOUD! I have never heard a baby stomach growl like that. I felt like I got my answer. He's legitimately hungry in the night, so I don't mind getting up to feed him. 

I start minding around 4 or 5 in the afternoon when I am cross-eyed tired though.
Tonight the kids were bathed and PJed by 5:45. I was anxiously anticipating bedtime.
As of 7:30 they were both asleep.

 It is super challenging for me to be a kind sweet mommy when I'm tired. 
I love the book Unglued. 
I just saw that the ebook is 99 cents until tonight!

This was on Lysa TerKeurst's FB page:
Have you ever labeled yourself as a mother in light of a few bad moments with your kids? “I’m not patient.” “I lose it all the time.” “I’m the most disorganized mother on the planet.”
Me too.
That’s why I wrote my book, “Unglued.” It’s all about my struggle with what comes out of my mouth, removing self-condemning labels, and how God is showing me how to make imperfect progress with my raw emotions. I'm remembering this truth, "Bad moments don't make bad mamas."

 Just wanted to share that in case you become UNGLUED too! Or is it just me?!

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 Oh nuts! My baby just started crying. He didn't even make it two hours! 
This is not looking good.

He turns 6 months old tomorrow. I guess he's waiting for his half birthday to sleep through the night?! 
Can't wait!


Brooklynn said...

I so remember those nights and feeling like that. Hang in there. You know, it does get better......at some point. And, I will always come hang out with him while you nap! Colbi and Katie could play! :-)

Christine said...

It gets better! I used the Moms On Call method - helpful to have a plan! For what it's worth, my second daughter is 11 months and I miss the middle of the night baby time, although I didn't particularly enjoy it at the time!

Lauren said...

Check out the book Baby Whisperer. She recommends a dream feed in the late evening...where you feed the baby when they are still asleep - sounds crazy but totally helped my girls make it to that 7am wake up time I so needed. I would stay up and feed at like 10:30 or 11:00 and then I could get 8 hours!! Check out the book or website though - they explain it way better than me.