An Opportunity

Younique just launched in the UK today! 

They call the first 999 presenters The Triple Digits Club. It took 9 months to have 999 presenters in the US. 
(we now have over 100,000)
And today The UK hit it in 26 MINUTES! 

They know a good opportunity when they hear one!
 I just wanted to share this chance with all my UK blog friends.
 It's really a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in at the beginning of such a rapidly growing, successful company. I am having LOTS of fun with it!

This is our growth since the beginning.
 Younique will celebrate 2 years next month. 

This is our founder Derek showing that he needs a bigger board. We sold over $25 million just in September.

We are also in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. 
Email me or leave a comment if you want more info. 

I have had my blog for 6 years now and have been asked lots of times to promote lots of different things. Or even sell ads. I never wanted this blog to be about making money.It's about my life. 

I know this company will change my life for the better, and I just want to share it with anyone who is interested. 

Or at least share the fabulous mascara and other products, because they are amazing! 


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