Friday Favorites

 I'm linking up with Friday Favorites.
This is going to be a very pumpkiney F.F. 


Fall decorating is definitely a favorite! 
You can see the rest of my front yard here.

Our favorite pumpkin patch opened today!
My friend, Lisa's in-laws have owned that farm forever. It's so much fun and I can't wait to go!

And our other friends, The Golightly's, have a delicious BBQ stand there! 

They are the same Golightly's that own Golightly's that I always talk about. 
I have a space there, but mostly I'm a big fan of shopping there! 

That leads me to another favorite thing.
These headbands! 
I'm kind of obsessed with them. My hair is super long now (for me) and it needs some taming!
So a headband is in my hair almost everyday. I really should probably get a hair cut. I'm turning 40 in February and I think I'm trying to hold on to my youth with this long hair? It's not logical. 

And this Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin soap from Bath and Body Works.
It's smells yummy, but not too sweet. 
And if you have little kids, this foaming soap is a must. All other soaps take them 200 years to rinse off! 

Happy Friday! 


Unknown said...

Found you from the link-up! That pumpkin patch looks precious! So festive. And Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is, hands down, my favorite scent of the season!

Brittany said...

I feel like I can't pull a head band off but I really want to!! It seems my hair looks flat on top. What's the secret to make it look cute??

Brooke said...

Thanks for linking to the pumpkin farm. That looks like a good one, and I'm putting it on our October calendar!