One Fell Off and Bumped His Head

 I love this baby's cute face.
Everyone mentions that Jesse is such a happy baby. I always respond with, "Well, if he's being held or getting attention..." 
I just need to be thankful that he's happy and social. He loves when I talk to him and that might not always be the case!

I'm getting excited to see what his personality is going to be like.

Last week we went to the doctor for his 6 month check up.
 He was 17 lbs 10 oz and 27 inches long. 
I'm feeling a little sentimental about him today, because he had his first injury. 
We were getting ready for church this morning and he fell off my bed! 
I have a tall bed and hard wood floors. 
I saw it happen and couldn't reach him in time.

I felt terrible. I am so thankful he's OK. 
 Since confession is good for the soul, I will also mention that I accidentally clipped his finger yesterday while trying to clip his nails. 
Mother of the year!

Tomorrow I will dress him in bubble wrap topped off with a helmet.
And I will try to keep all sharp objects at a safe distance.
Your mommy loves you Jesse Bryant!


Tricia Nae said...

awww... this is my fear about having children (if I ever do)... that I will be in the constant running for mother of the year (ha!). Good news... HE IS ADORABLE!!

donna said...

Dina Leigh! You didn't tell me about the bed incident. I will go buy the bubble wrap today.