I took Katie with me to take pictures at Golightly's for their FB page and blog, last week. 
She wanted to be in every picture. She kept posing in front of stuff.
"Take my picture with this!"

And I have another little poser on my hands too.
Jesse gives me a giant grin when I hold my camera up.
He's a genius! 
 (and apparently, I'm not, because anytime I try to spell genius, I do it wrong and spell check makes a squiggly line under it, mocking me! )

I was telling Marcus, Jesse's new trick and pulled out my camera to prove it. Thankfully he didn't make me look like a liar.
 He cheesed it up.
I promise he's not in his high chair all the time! 
And his shirts are wet all the time. He's kind of a slime ball. 
A super cute slime ball! 

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