Princess Sprinkler, A Baby, and Some Tacky Berries

 I can't get pictures off my real camera right now, so here are just some phone pics

You may think I edited them with a fuzzy filter, but no, that's just from dirty finger prints on my lens.

Yesterday was Princess and Super Hero day at school!
Katie said Elsa was a  
 (she didn't really call me a moron, but that's what her tone implied!)
But all her other dresses look like they belong on a homeless princess, due to lots of wear. 
So she was Elsa! 
And so were 75% of the girls at school.

It was 98 degrees yesterday! In October! 
No thank you! 
So the sprinklers came out...hopefully for the last time. 
And we got snow cones too!

 Today we met a friend to play. 
And then Katie and I had lunch while Jesse napped.
 Do you want to kiss his face off? Or is it just me?

Tonight I had some help from a great big sister. 
I really should teach her to change diapers!

And I found this gem at the dollar store! 
How do you feel about the placement of the holly berries? 
I like to keep my blog PG, but I figured if he can be in plain sight at the store, then he can be on my blog.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!


Julie said...

You never fail to crack me up! I love your blog so much and reading about your family. The Santa is too much!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! At first I thought, Oh what a cute Santa and then saw the holly berries. Hilarious!

Staci said...

Well. That Santa is... Interesting. I totally would've taken a photo too. Katie (elsa) looks as precious as always. And so does Jesse! So sweet!!

kimert said...

Oh my stars. I should really not stay away from the blogging world for 4 months. Whoa! Your little baby is a big boy. And of course your little princess is as sweet as ever. Hope you are well mama!!

Hayley said...

Oh my at the Santa berries!! TOO funny!!