The Parade and Support Small

We went to the Parade of Lights in 
downtown Ft. Worth last night. 
The weather was great.
 Just a little windy, but not too cold at all! 

Marcus stayed home with Jesse, because we just weren't sure how that would go down. He was asleep by 6:30 so it's probably good he didn't go. 

My sister and Marcus's sister came with their kids.

Remember I mentioned it was windy:

If you go to a parade you HAVE to get cotton candy!

Waiting for the parade to start! 
4 year olds make Christmas time extra fun!
 It's hard to get good pictures of the floats, because it's dark out and they are all lit up...and moving. So all my pictures are just a big color blur. 
My favorites were the Elvises on tiny motorcycles and seeing my friend, Jennifer, and her family riding on top of a Ft. Worth fire truck! He hubby is a fire fighter too. 

And Katie's favorites were the floats that made it snow and SANTA at the end! 
It was a fun night! 

And we got to go eat Mexican food afterward WITHOUT a baby, so that was a bonus. I love my baby, but it's hard to eat with one hand while holding down a squirmy wormy reaching for knives in the other hand.

Today is small business Saturday! 

I have owned a small business for almost 14 years now!
First I had a store called, The Little Blue House, for 4 years. Then I moved into Golightly's 10 yeas ago! Right now I sell jewelry and accessories there. 

I really love supporting small business owners.

And now I have another small business with Younique too.
Thank you so much to all of you who have supported me in this new venture the last 5 months. It's been a lot of fun. And I love hearing all your feedback as you are falling in love with the products as much as I am! 

I wanted to share their Black Friday deal. It actually lasts through Monday and it's pretty fantastic! 
 You get our famous mascara, the face wash, (I use the Illuminate Clean and I love it! It's perfect for my oily yet aging skin!) You get to choose an eye or blush pigment of your choice and a 3 piece eye brush set!

And there is a deal in November that if you spend $150 you get a free lip stain
It's not something you can buy. They are just offering it to customers this month that meet a qualifying order . So that ends today.

If you buy 2 beauty bundles then you would qualify. 
One for you and one for your daughter, sister, mom or friend!
I really love the lip stain. It's a pretty cranberry color. And it stays on all day! 

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend.
 I am finished decorating my house for Christmas! Are you? Now I just need to clean it and take some pictures!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving!

My talented sister in law, Lisa, made Katie this cute turkey dress!
She made her 2 cute Christmas ones too. 
I'm thankful Katie has a generous aunt who shares her time and talents with us! 

Last year Marcus had to work at the fire station. He was here this year, BUT I didn't even get a picture of him! I think he might have been messing with the turkey at this moment. He fried it, and it was delish!

Jesse's first Thanksgiving!
We are so thankful for a healthy, sweet, fun, happy son!

Katie and Lisa. (The dress maker!)

My parents with my kids:

My in laws with the kids too:
We had dinner at their house and my parents came too. I am SO thankful our families get along so well!

Jesse was eating some bananas in this cute little contraption my friend Tricia gave him.

I didn't even get Marcus in this picture either!You can see the back of him on the left. He was there and I am most thankful for him!

Now let the Christmassing begin!


A Pause From Decorating

My house is covered in glitter and garland. I have been trying to get my Christmas stuff up for WAAAAY too long now. I am hoping to be done by tomorrow! I keep saying that...but for real tomorrow. 

In the meantime, Marcus got promoted in the fire department!
We are super proud of him!

It was fun visiting him at work too. 

And we also went to ICE at The Gaylord Texan. We go every year and I love it! 
Katie has been talking about it since last year. We went last week when it was half off. 
It's 9 degrees in there and everything is made of ice. 

I seriously can't believe I posed in front of that Pepsi sign.
 This is NOT an endorsement!
Coke forever!

Marcus's sister, mom and our nieces came too!

The fun ice slide!

We had Jesse all bundled up and it made him cozy and sleepy.

He was passed out by the end. Katie did the same thing her first year too!

The theme was Frosty this year and it was so cute!

Jennifer and Melissa:

Katie and Jesse:
We had a great day!
I've been in the Christmas spirit since Halloween. I'm glad the rest of the world is catching up now!


Christmas Ideas

I have been peeking at Pinterest for some Christmas decorating ideas. 
It can really be a time sucker, but it's exciting. 
I looked up "colorful Christmas" and then I was in whimsical Christmas Heaven! 

I guess when I have 4 hours to kill I need to search Whimsical Christmas too!

I pinned this, because I think Katie would puffy heart LOVE it! 
This cute pic didn't have a URL. I hate not giving credit where credit is due. 

She is so excited about Christmas decorating. 
I have my stuff down from the attic already, because I needed to organize it and get rid of a few things. Katie has spent HOURS in the garage going through my stuff. She sings lots of songs as she's playing with everything. 
It's fun to have a another family member who appreciates a festive (possibly over the top or gaudy?)  home as much as I do. Marcus doesn't squeal about a cute Santa or colorful Christmas ribbon like Katie and me! Go figure? 

Let's talk about shopping for a minute:

 As of right now all but one of the boot socks I posted last night, are sold. 
 I found this picture to show you what boot socks/boot cuffs/leg warmers are. Cute huh?
Some people want more brown and cream ones, so I am hoping I can get more. Let me know if you want some too. I can add you to my order. (I need your email address if you placed an order or if you want to place an order!!!)

While I am at the Dallas Market, I will for sure be getting more of these wristlets too. They are one of my best sellers. I LOVE them! I gave a couple as gifts and got them monogrammed. I feel like I need one now too.
 Here's the inside. They have room for your phone and keys, plus your giant wad of cash!
My supplier called me today and said they just got a shipment in. When I went yesterday they only had a few left. So if you want one of these let me know what color and I will try to get it. They are $20. Or $25 with tax and shipping. They are a great Christmas gift for friends, gift exchanges, teachers, your hair dresser, you get the point.
 OK, I can't talk about Christmas shopping without mentioning my Younique mascara. I am in LOVE with this stuff. It just makes me so happy! 

 You get free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

 And we were in Soap Opera Digest from a Days star:

I am just having lots of fun being apart of this growing company! 
You can always order here.
If you're curious how it works, here's a good "how to" video from one of our presenters: 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy as Katie Belle Watson would say...with a lisp.


Boot Socks and A Birthday Boy

A cold front is coming in tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it! 
I went to the Dallas Market today to stock up on cute scarves to bring up to Golightly's. While I was there I found these adorable boot socks. 
I guess they technically NOT socks, but really leg warmers. I wanted to sound less "Jane Fonda" They peek out from under your boots. I love them and have been wanting to get some.
The person in front of me was getting 30 of them! They have been a good seller for her. 
Anyway, I thought I would offer them up on my blog first before I brought them to Golightly's. They are $15. That includes tax AND shipping too. 
I have 2 brown, 1 gray, 2 cream and 2 1black. One with buttons and one without. Leave a comment if you want one.(or if you want me to try to get more)  I will send you a pay pal invoice tomorrow. 

Today is my nephew, Jeddy's (Jedidiah) 11th birthday!
My niece, Melissa, made the cake. 
She put a zip line on it because Jeddy just got one in his back yard for his birthday!
Melissa originally made 2 cakes with the zip line going between them. She made her trees too big and fancy and they crashed on the cakes! Poor girl had to start all over. She always does an awesome job!

Jeddy also got a new puppy!
This is Charlie with my other niece, Jennifer. She's Melissa's sister in case you want to figure out our family tree!

It was such a fun party! 
Jesse's hamming it up for the camera!

Our family with the birthday boy:

Katie was so proud to give him his gift and hand made card.
Katie and Jesse have the best cousins! 

OK let me know if you want some boot socks!
Happy Cold Front!