7 Months

Jesse turned 7 months old yesterday!

Wow, this is going quick. 
I feel like we just met!
He's wearing camo in honor of deer hunting season. 
He's a naked jaybird in these pics. 
They were right after bath time. 

He's still a social little thing. He loves attention! 
And thankfully, he'll still go to anybody.

Jesse loves his sister the most. 
She puts the biggest smile on his face. Katie can always calm him down if he's crying. She just talks or sings to him and he gets happy.
This is his first ride in the shopping cart.

I couldn't quit laughing at the back of his little Charlie Brown head. So cute!

He now takes a bath in the big tub, no more baby tub. 
He loves to splash around.
Unfortunately, he still doesn't sleep through the night! 
Not even close.
 I am all for sleep training and I don't mind letting him cry. It's hard because his room is right next to Katie's, so it wakes her up. I need to make a plan. Lots of you suggested Moms On Call. 
I was really just hoping for the miracle of him figuring it out on his own. 

I spent the night at my parent's house last week again. It was so nice to sleep all night AND sleep in, AND take a nap! 

My mom left this for me on my bed.

It's such a nice hotel. I will be back! I'm thankful for Marcus who took care of things at home!

Happy 7 months Jesse.
Here's to sleeping 12 hours at night with 2 good naps during the day!


Brittany said...

Boo for not sleeping. Sam needs to give him a pep talk! ;)

Unknown said...

Okay so honestly Cora started sleeping through the night around 10 months right AFTER she got put in that crazy cast! I don't even get it. Hopefully though it will be sooner than that for Jesse. He is SERIOUSLY adorable!!! Kelly