We had such a fun Halloween! 
Katie kept saying, "this is the best day ever!"
She got to dress up as a princess, wear some makeup, go to people's houses, get free candy, and see her family. 
Those are all her favorite things!

My little dragon and Snow White.
Snow White was the perfect costume for Katie. She fit the part!

Here she is in the past. Awww...

And Jesse's first Halloween:
I bet there will be lots of super hero costumes in our future!

We stopped by my parent's house first. 

Then we stayed around our neighborhood to go trick or treating and pass out candy.

At the end of the night we went to Marcus's sister's house. Katie's big cousins took her trick or treating too. Jesse got changed into his Woody PJs in hopes he would fall asleep over there. 
He did, thankfully.

Then Katie got cozy on their couch to watch
  It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 
She could not contain her emotion when she saw Snoopy crying in this scene. 

 She sobbed and sobbed and was so sad for Snoopy. 
She cried all the way home too! 
Sensitive little thing.
She has told me before that there is a crying pipe under the floor. It goes from whoever is crying straight to here and she can't help but cry too.

 Katie also had a costume parade at school on Thursday!
This is her last year at this school! 
 Kindergarten is next year.

Jesse and I came to watch the parade. And it was fun to see my nephew, Jeddy, there too. He does a once a week home school program at the same place.

Drew and Charis were there too!
Darth Vadar and a Pink Cowgirl

There is lots of JOY on Halloween when you have a 4 year old and baby experiencing stuff for the first time! 

Speaking of Thankful, I really love Thanksgiving, but for me, the Christmas season has begun! 


Courtney Osborne said...

You have some cuties! November 1st was the beginning of our Christmas season... which means ELF!!

emily said...

Love it!!

Tricia Nae said...

Their costumes are ADORABLE. Oh my goodness!!!