Boot Socks and A Birthday Boy

A cold front is coming in tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it! 
I went to the Dallas Market today to stock up on cute scarves to bring up to Golightly's. While I was there I found these adorable boot socks. 
I guess they technically NOT socks, but really leg warmers. I wanted to sound less "Jane Fonda" They peek out from under your boots. I love them and have been wanting to get some.
The person in front of me was getting 30 of them! They have been a good seller for her. 
Anyway, I thought I would offer them up on my blog first before I brought them to Golightly's. They are $15. That includes tax AND shipping too. 
I have 2 brown, 1 gray, 2 cream and 2 1black. One with buttons and one without. Leave a comment if you want one.(or if you want me to try to get more)  I will send you a pay pal invoice tomorrow. 

Today is my nephew, Jeddy's (Jedidiah) 11th birthday!
My niece, Melissa, made the cake. 
She put a zip line on it because Jeddy just got one in his back yard for his birthday!
Melissa originally made 2 cakes with the zip line going between them. She made her trees too big and fancy and they crashed on the cakes! Poor girl had to start all over. She always does an awesome job!

Jeddy also got a new puppy!
This is Charlie with my other niece, Jennifer. She's Melissa's sister in case you want to figure out our family tree!

It was such a fun party! 
Jesse's hamming it up for the camera!

Our family with the birthday boy:

Katie was so proud to give him his gift and hand made card.
Katie and Jesse have the best cousins! 

OK let me know if you want some boot socks!
Happy Cold Front! 


Staci said...

I want some cream ones! I also have something I want to see if you want. Maybe a project for you!

Crystal said...

Yes please, super cute! Cream or brown.

Susan Brown Holland said...

I'd like a brown please! Can I get it from you at the shop? Thanks Dina.

Unknown said...

I would love a brown pair!

Dina said...

Hey Cuties Crystal and Lindsey,

I need your email addresses please!

Brittany said...

I would like to buy the gray please if they are still available! brittanysciba@gmail.com :)

simplythesmithsjennifer said...

I would like 1 brown and 1 black please!!! Jennbug0626@hotmail.com

Crystal said...


So sorry about that!!