Christmas Ideas

I have been peeking at Pinterest for some Christmas decorating ideas. 
It can really be a time sucker, but it's exciting. 
I looked up "colorful Christmas" and then I was in whimsical Christmas Heaven! 

I guess when I have 4 hours to kill I need to search Whimsical Christmas too!

I pinned this, because I think Katie would puffy heart LOVE it! 
This cute pic didn't have a URL. I hate not giving credit where credit is due. 

She is so excited about Christmas decorating. 
I have my stuff down from the attic already, because I needed to organize it and get rid of a few things. Katie has spent HOURS in the garage going through my stuff. She sings lots of songs as she's playing with everything. 
It's fun to have a another family member who appreciates a festive (possibly over the top or gaudy?)  home as much as I do. Marcus doesn't squeal about a cute Santa or colorful Christmas ribbon like Katie and me! Go figure? 

Let's talk about shopping for a minute:

 As of right now all but one of the boot socks I posted last night, are sold. 
 I found this picture to show you what boot socks/boot cuffs/leg warmers are. Cute huh?
Some people want more brown and cream ones, so I am hoping I can get more. Let me know if you want some too. I can add you to my order. (I need your email address if you placed an order or if you want to place an order!!!)

While I am at the Dallas Market, I will for sure be getting more of these wristlets too. They are one of my best sellers. I LOVE them! I gave a couple as gifts and got them monogrammed. I feel like I need one now too.
 Here's the inside. They have room for your phone and keys, plus your giant wad of cash!
My supplier called me today and said they just got a shipment in. When I went yesterday they only had a few left. So if you want one of these let me know what color and I will try to get it. They are $20. Or $25 with tax and shipping. They are a great Christmas gift for friends, gift exchanges, teachers, your hair dresser, you get the point.
 OK, I can't talk about Christmas shopping without mentioning my Younique mascara. I am in LOVE with this stuff. It just makes me so happy! 

 You get free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

 And we were in Soap Opera Digest from a Days star:

I am just having lots of fun being apart of this growing company! 
You can always order here.
If you're curious how it works, here's a good "how to" video from one of our presenters: 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy as Katie Belle Watson would say...with a lisp.


Crystal said...

I posted my email on the original post from yesterday. So sorry!!

Unknown said...

I would love some cream or black leg warmers. Do you have any left?

Miss G said...

I saw your pin earlier tonight and it made me happy. If you want, check out my brightly colored Christmas board. Fun stuff. I am so excited for Christmas with Cora and David this year. I think there is going to be lots of enthusiasm. Tonight when I told David it was almost time to fill our operation Christmas child boxes he got so excited and I didn't even think he would remember those. Kelly