Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci and sharing my favorite things. 

I LOVE this time of year. So everything right now is a "Favorite". I am giddy thinking about Christmas time right around the corner! 
I know people want to say "Keep the Thanks in Thanksgiving. blah blah blah" 
Well, I am THANKFUL for Christmas, AND that phrase really doesn't make sense if you think about it.

ABC Family has their 25 Days of Christmas schedule out!
I love to program my DVR for all my faves.

Bath and Body Works has all their Christmas scents out now!  
And they are on sale too!
I got this Twisted Peppermint last year and loved it. It was perfect for a nauseous pregnant girl. BUT I also found that it was heavenly to use in the hot Texas summer! I used the soap and the lotion and it made me feel cool and tingly. That's what you need when its 110 degrees outside. I will stock up on this for sure!

Have you had Chick-fil-A's chick-n minis? I know they have been around forever.  
Just in case you though it would be weird to eat chicken for breakfast, I need to tell you that you are so wrong. 
 They are delish. I go to a Mom 2 Mom group every other Monday. Lots of times someone brings these as apart of our breakfast buffet. It makes me so happy. I want you to be happy too! 

My kids in matching jammies makes me happy also!
I LOVE that Katie Belle has a brother. I'm still a little surprised by that! 
My favorite kids:
I got their cute penguin PJs at Carters.
Christmas pajamas are definitely a favorite thing!

You don't have to feel sorry for me. This is NOT my dinner. 

One of my favorite smells is apples and cinnamon. 
I put them both in a pot of water, add some cloves too, and let it simmer! A very UN favorite smell is when I forget about it and it burns on the bottom of the pot. It doesn't go over well with the fireman I live with either! 

Happy Friday!


518nymammaof2 said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't even know they put out a Christmas schedule! Hooray! I hate when I miss a good Christmas show!

Staci said...

Its Santa! I know him!

My fall decor is coming down today and christmas is going up! And I don't feel the least bit guilty.