Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving!

My talented sister in law, Lisa, made Katie this cute turkey dress!
She made her 2 cute Christmas ones too. 
I'm thankful Katie has a generous aunt who shares her time and talents with us! 

Last year Marcus had to work at the fire station. He was here this year, BUT I didn't even get a picture of him! I think he might have been messing with the turkey at this moment. He fried it, and it was delish!

Jesse's first Thanksgiving!
We are so thankful for a healthy, sweet, fun, happy son!

Katie and Lisa. (The dress maker!)

My parents with my kids:

My in laws with the kids too:
We had dinner at their house and my parents came too. I am SO thankful our families get along so well!

Jesse was eating some bananas in this cute little contraption my friend Tricia gave him.

I didn't even get Marcus in this picture either!You can see the back of him on the left. He was there and I am most thankful for him!

Now let the Christmassing begin!

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