The Parade and Support Small

We went to the Parade of Lights in 
downtown Ft. Worth last night. 
The weather was great.
 Just a little windy, but not too cold at all! 

Marcus stayed home with Jesse, because we just weren't sure how that would go down. He was asleep by 6:30 so it's probably good he didn't go. 

My sister and Marcus's sister came with their kids.

Remember I mentioned it was windy:

If you go to a parade you HAVE to get cotton candy!

Waiting for the parade to start! 
4 year olds make Christmas time extra fun!
 It's hard to get good pictures of the floats, because it's dark out and they are all lit up...and moving. So all my pictures are just a big color blur. 
My favorites were the Elvises on tiny motorcycles and seeing my friend, Jennifer, and her family riding on top of a Ft. Worth fire truck! He hubby is a fire fighter too. 

And Katie's favorites were the floats that made it snow and SANTA at the end! 
It was a fun night! 

And we got to go eat Mexican food afterward WITHOUT a baby, so that was a bonus. I love my baby, but it's hard to eat with one hand while holding down a squirmy wormy reaching for knives in the other hand.

Today is small business Saturday! 

I have owned a small business for almost 14 years now!
First I had a store called, The Little Blue House, for 4 years. Then I moved into Golightly's 10 yeas ago! Right now I sell jewelry and accessories there. 

I really love supporting small business owners.

And now I have another small business with Younique too.
Thank you so much to all of you who have supported me in this new venture the last 5 months. It's been a lot of fun. And I love hearing all your feedback as you are falling in love with the products as much as I am! 

I wanted to share their Black Friday deal. It actually lasts through Monday and it's pretty fantastic! 
 You get our famous mascara, the face wash, (I use the Illuminate Clean and I love it! It's perfect for my oily yet aging skin!) You get to choose an eye or blush pigment of your choice and a 3 piece eye brush set!

And there is a deal in November that if you spend $150 you get a free lip stain
It's not something you can buy. They are just offering it to customers this month that meet a qualifying order . So that ends today.

If you buy 2 beauty bundles then you would qualify. 
One for you and one for your daughter, sister, mom or friend!
I really love the lip stain. It's a pretty cranberry color. And it stays on all day! 

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend.
 I am finished decorating my house for Christmas! Are you? Now I just need to clean it and take some pictures!

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