We had a great Christmas. 
I hope you did too.
We went to Christmas Eve service at our church. The best part was that my whole family and Marcus's parents came too! 

This is in our church lobby:
I made Katie's feet look huge by the way I took the picture. Whoops.

My in laws:

After church we went to my parent's house for dinner and presents!

Jesse outgrew his shoes this week, so he had to go without. 

They love each other so much!

After dinner we put on our jammies. The 4 of us had matching PJs. Jesse was asleep by this time, but he matched us while he was dreaming of sugar plums. 
Marcus is a good sport!

Katie got an Ariel dress from her Great Aunt Carol. She loves it.

Frozen tent from Aunt Kelly and fam. I think Disney should have sponsored our Christmas!

GIANT Anna and Elsa dolls from my parents:

We got home late and still had to get the kids' gifts set up. 
And I had to make a midnight run to 7/11 for batteries. I was in my PJs of course.  I treated myself to a Slurpee. I just don't feel like I could go into a 7/11 and walk out without one? 
I earned it!

Jesse had a great 1st Christmas.

Katie got her very own fishing pole!

my boys:

Katie really needed a stick horse. She rides everything from paper towel rolls to dish towels around the house and pretends they are a horse. This one makes real horse noises too. And it's pink!

After we opened gifts at home it was time to go to Marcus's brother's house for breakfast and MORE presents! 
His mom, sister, our nieces and Katie and Jesse:

My babies:

We always sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!


Jesse really appreciated all his new toys!

Marcus and his brother:

My Santa baby:

Katie and my niece Jennifer did the fun zip line in the back yard.

Then Katie got brave and wanted to do it by herself:

So fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We had lots of delicious food, fun family time, and OVER abundance of gifts, but we are most thankful for Jesus.


Brittany said...

all your trees look adorable! i'm not sure how you have the energy for that!!!

also that dog pillow on Jesse's bed is so cute! i need one for reid's room.

if i ever come to texas i'm signing up for a home tour at your house. :)

Meghan said...

Merry Christmas! Um, please ask your inlawas when I can come & ride the zip line! LOL

Twinkle Terrior said...

Merry post-Christmas sweet Dina and beautiful family ox