Jesse's Room

 This baby boy turned 8 months old on the 3rd. I still can't believe I have a son!
AND I never showed you his room. 

I am a girly decorator, so a boy room was kind of hard for me.
Jesse's room also has to be the guest room, so there is a queen bed in there. 

We found the metal Love sign at Home Goods and Marcus put the wood planks behind it and stained it.

And one of Marcus's fireman friends made us the measuring stick. I thought that was such an awesome gift. I have always wanted one for our family. And it happened to match our Love sign!

I made his mobile out of an old lamp shade and some fire fighter ornaments.

And the sconces are really meant for outdoor lighting. We wired them so they could plug in an outlet. Then Marcus mounted them on the shutters. 

This rocker is my friend, Courtney's. It sees way too much action in the middle of the night. I am so thankful to have a comfy place to sit and feed my baby though.

My sister in law, Lisa, found this changing table at a garage sale for $20! It came with the pad and 2 baskets. Bargain! It was cherry wood and I painted it.

This pillow is my favorite thing in the room. My sister made it. She also made the cute Texas pillow.

I guess this is really my most favorite thing in the room:

This is what he looks like most of the time:
Constantly moving! I am a little bit nervous for when he is actually mobile! 

He's a sweet boy and we love him!

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emily said...

Super cute! I love the mobile and that tree...how precious!