Let There Be Light

 We went to our city's tree lighting last night. It's one of our favorite Christmassy things to do.
(My mom made Katie's cute hat and scarf)

Last night it was super cold and Marcus was at work, and we have a baby cramping our style a little, but I still wanted to go. 
We had so much fun and Jesse did great!

 The pony ride was Katie's favorite!

 And it's always fun to go sledding. 
That doesn't happen too often in Texas!

 I think the flash surprised Jesse a little bit.
 I kept him the carrier to keep him warmer. And I was hoping he would fall asleep. I think the loud Christmas music and fireworks interfered with that plan.

It was a fun time and FREE. That fits our budget at Christmas time. 

I needed to tell you about this amazing little wireless remote for Christmas lights. It's increased my joy in a big way. 

I have several Christmas trees and garland too. And I am always having to become a contortionist to plug and unplug them everyday. And then plug them in again after Marcus unplugs them to "save electricity" Bah Humbug! 

Anyway, now I just click, click, click and they are on. I even used extension cords to plug in more than one thing on each outlet.
(found them at Walmart)

Happy Tree Lighting to you and yours!


Katie said...

I'm going to have to tell my husband about the little gadget you shared with us. He's the new Clark Griswald...lol.

Nutty Mom said...

We LOVE those remotes. Have used them on out outdoor lights for years. Got my mom some this year to turn her tree and light up village on since she just had brain surgery. I think she loves the power of that little remote!

Staci said...

We use remotes too. And the stepper buttons for anything not on a remote. I can even turn our upstairs tree on and off from downstairs. Winning!

Sara Lynn said...

I want to go sledding, SO FUN!!!