Sick and A Goodbye...And Cake!

Jesse went to the doctor today for his 9 month appointment. 
 We are only 3 weeks behind on that! 
He had to get his finger pricked to check for iron. He didn't even cry! 
Then he desperately tried to eat off his Spiderman bandaid.
 He weighs 20 lbs and is 28 inches long. 
He has tripled his weight since birth. And I kind of feel like I have tripled mine since his birth too! 

Yesterday was PJ day at Katie's school. And ironically it was my first day OUT of PJs in 5 days. 
I had a terrible sinus something? They were so swollen it made my face look funny and my eye was almost shut. AND it was killing my teeth too. And I just felt totally miserable. I had some kind of virus, but also I cut WAY back on sugar and didn't have a real Coke last week and I think my body was in shock. And a little ticked off! I am TRYING to eat healthier, but it's really not part of my personality!

I missed my mother in law's birthday party since I was sick!
Look at this cute cake my niece, Melissa, made. 
She plays the piano, so it's perfect! I was sad to miss it. And I would have loved to dive face first into that cake!

And here are my kids loving each other and being silly. 
 Katie went out to pet the dogs. Jesse always wants to know what Katie is up to!
I always tell them that they will be best friends!

I know it's a cliche that kids sleep when you need them awake. And they are awake when you want them asleep. 
It's a cliche and it's TRUE!  
This was Jesse when I had to wake him up so we could pick Katie up from school. He must think I am CrAzY! 
I beg him to sleep then I wake him up?
I love his little toes. 
(and I allow kid #2 to sleep all smush faced like this, but it would've given me a stroke with kid #1!)

And I took this pic at Golightly's.
Just another reminder that I will be "that many" next month!

Also, after 10 YEARS! I closed up my space at Golightly's! 
It was such a sad decision. I really love that place and I will be a frequent shopper and visitor. For now I just need to focus on my family. I know I have mentioned a time or twenty, that I am overwhelmed. So the smart thing to do is eliminate some responsibilities. It was one of my more fun responsibilities though!

Hopefully when Jesse starts school, I can go back. Until then, I will be a more present and intentional mom.


Colorado Cousins

 I didn't intend to take a 3 week blog break!

That's just my life right now. I can't keep up. 
I will be 40! next month, so I feel like surely I am about to get it together! Right?

Last weekend my cousin and her family came to visit us from Colorado. 
We had a super fun time! 

Molly Grace, Katie Belle, and Lucy:

 The weather was perfection so we played outside a lot.

And we went to Sam's! 
That's where you take your company too right?
 I also left my phone in one of those shopping carts and thankfully somebody turned it in when they found it! It's a new unlocked Fire phone that Marcus just gave me, so it could have been a goner. I am thankful for honest people.

While I went back for my phone the next day, the gang went to the park:
 Jesse was there too:

Marcus is cuddly. 

We also went to the stock show in Fort Worth. 
Katie and Lucy actually got stuck on this ride!
It went up in the air and wouldn't come down! We wondered why the ride was lasting so long? They were yelling, "get us off this dragon!"
 So the guy stopped the ride and my super giant brother in law was able to rescue them out of the crazy dragon. 

It's funny because Katie will say she's only scared of 2 things; Dinosaurs and Dragons! 
We always tell her that she doesn't have to worry about either of those things. 
We were wrong!

We had a great time! We are always trying to convince them to move to Texas! I think the brain melting summers are keeping them away! 
My sister's kids with all the littles. 

Right now it's 8:00. My kids are asleep. I'm already showered and in my PJ's and now I can watch Fixer Upper with my hubby! 
I have 2 laundry mounds and a dirty floor that will both be invisible to me tonight. I am sure they will be happy to greet me in the morning!


The Jesse Tree

One of my favorite things we did this Christmas was The Jesse Tree. 
Not to be confused with my Jesse
The tree and my kid are name after the same Jesse from the Bible though. 

A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.    The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the LORD— and he will delight in the fear of the LORD.
Isaiah 11: 1-3
 The Jesse Tree is a way of telling the story of God’s plan from the beginning of time to redeem His people by sending a Savior…Jesus.  It follows the lineage of Christ’s family and key people in the Old Testament that God uses to tell His story from Creation through Christ’s birth.  It is a countdown daily to Christmas with the telling of a story, and an ornament that acts as a symbol and visual reminder of the story.

That is an excerpt from the Jesse Tree Project website.


My friend, Paige, invited me to do it with some of her college friends. 24 of us met up in September and we were each given a specific Bible story. And 24 plain wood ornaments. We had to decorate the ornament to represent the story. 

Then We got together again in November and got one of each ornament. It was fun to see how everyone decorated them. 

So we started on December 1st, reading a story, then letting Katie hang the ornament. She LOVED it! 

Marcus helped me make this tree to put the ornaments on. It's in the hallway.
(And that's Katie's drawing of a blizzard on the chalk board wall)

And here it is all filled up!
It was a fun way to keep the focus on Jesus during the holidays! And it's a tradition I know we will love doing every year. 

I realize it's hard to think about Christmas in January, but I wanted to make sure I shared it, just in case any of you wanted to do this project with your friends too. It can be done anytime of year, so it's ready for next Christmas! 

(of course I finished my ornaments the night before they were due! But some of you organized people like to think ahead!)


9 Months

Jesse turned 9 months old yesterday. 
I can't even begin to tell you what a blur this has all been.
He is growing so fast!

One of the senior girls from my Sunday School class took these pics for our Christmas card. 
She did such an awesome job. On the back was also Jesse's birth announcement...because that never happened. 

Hello friends and family! 
We are announcing that we had a baby in April
 and that we (I) are procrastinators!

 I think I say it every month, but Jesse is a super social baby. He LOVES attention and to flirt and interact with everyone! I can't wait to see how his personality develops.

I'm a little jealous of his and Katie's lashes. No fair.

He is crawling now and into everything.
It's hard with baby #2 because you have to watch out for barbie shoes and princess accessories from kid #1 that can easily block a windpipe if swallowed!
God made him cute on purpose, because he doesn't sleep through the night.
It's his saving grace.
This old mommy is TIRED! 
Marcus gave me the best gift ever on Friday. 
A night at a hotel BY MYSELF! 
It was awesome. I could cry right now thinking about it. 

I LOVE my kids. I have the most helpful husband and family ever. I have super sweet friends, a warm cozy house, plenty of food to eat, reliable cars, working appliances, and MORE. 

Even with all of that, life is a struggle some days.  
It just is
I do not function well with little sleep and a giant "to do" list. I can't imagine how I would do if my circumstances were not as ideal as they are!
I just wanted to share that in case I ever gave off a "rainbows and unicorns" vibe.
 To you, other tired and overwhelmed girls, you are not alone! 

I am thankful for God's grace and love. 
He loves me even though I am domestically challenged and sometimes cranky. 
And His love would not increase if my bed was made everyday. 
It's unconditional!


Happy New Year!

Happy 2015!

We had a quiet evening at home last night. Marcus had to work early this morning and we have little kids
So that's not really a recipe for a wild night on the town. 

I think I much prefer a night at home in my comfy clothes anyway.
I did happen to ring in the new year with my 2014 baby though! 
He wanted to eat at about 11:45 last night. I heard fireworks going off when I was in his room.

Jesse's new year's resolution is to sleep through the night. 
His goal is 12 hours straight. So he's been told. And Katie's is to whine a little less.  
I might have imposed these resolutions on them.

I can just IMAGINE what resolutions they would impose on their momma! 
 Maybe less whining from me too? 
Or maybe just get your act together lady? 
2015 is going to hold a few milestones for our family. 
2 of us are turning 40! And we will also have a 1st birthday and a 5th birthday. 
And Katie will start KINDERGARTEN! 

It will also be the year I get organized and get healthy. No pressure, right?  
The last 2 have been goals for the last 15 years, so maybe this is the year?!