Colorado Cousins

 I didn't intend to take a 3 week blog break!

That's just my life right now. I can't keep up. 
I will be 40! next month, so I feel like surely I am about to get it together! Right?

Last weekend my cousin and her family came to visit us from Colorado. 
We had a super fun time! 

Molly Grace, Katie Belle, and Lucy:

 The weather was perfection so we played outside a lot.

And we went to Sam's! 
That's where you take your company too right?
 I also left my phone in one of those shopping carts and thankfully somebody turned it in when they found it! It's a new unlocked Fire phone that Marcus just gave me, so it could have been a goner. I am thankful for honest people.

While I went back for my phone the next day, the gang went to the park:
 Jesse was there too:

Marcus is cuddly. 

We also went to the stock show in Fort Worth. 
Katie and Lucy actually got stuck on this ride!
It went up in the air and wouldn't come down! We wondered why the ride was lasting so long? They were yelling, "get us off this dragon!"
 So the guy stopped the ride and my super giant brother in law was able to rescue them out of the crazy dragon. 

It's funny because Katie will say she's only scared of 2 things; Dinosaurs and Dragons! 
We always tell her that she doesn't have to worry about either of those things. 
We were wrong!

We had a great time! We are always trying to convince them to move to Texas! I think the brain melting summers are keeping them away! 
My sister's kids with all the littles. 

Right now it's 8:00. My kids are asleep. I'm already showered and in my PJ's and now I can watch Fixer Upper with my hubby! 
I have 2 laundry mounds and a dirty floor that will both be invisible to me tonight. I am sure they will be happy to greet me in the morning!

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