Happy New Year!

Happy 2015!

We had a quiet evening at home last night. Marcus had to work early this morning and we have little kids
So that's not really a recipe for a wild night on the town. 

I think I much prefer a night at home in my comfy clothes anyway.
I did happen to ring in the new year with my 2014 baby though! 
He wanted to eat at about 11:45 last night. I heard fireworks going off when I was in his room.

Jesse's new year's resolution is to sleep through the night. 
His goal is 12 hours straight. So he's been told. And Katie's is to whine a little less.  
I might have imposed these resolutions on them.

I can just IMAGINE what resolutions they would impose on their momma! 
 Maybe less whining from me too? 
Or maybe just get your act together lady? 
2015 is going to hold a few milestones for our family. 
2 of us are turning 40! And we will also have a 1st birthday and a 5th birthday. 
And Katie will start KINDERGARTEN! 

It will also be the year I get organized and get healthy. No pressure, right?  
The last 2 have been goals for the last 15 years, so maybe this is the year?!


Courtney Osborne said...

You rock and so I am imposing your resolution to be keep being awesome! LYLAS!

Courtney Osborne said...
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Twinkle Terrior said...

LOL - Dont worry Mrs Dina.... I've had those last 2 resolutions a few decades now HaHa. However, I am a Dunkin Donuts gal myself, so I'm not sure how motivated i can be, but i will have more salads?? ha-ha