A Trip, Snow Much Fun and A Party

 Marcus went on a little road trip this week!

Went to Austin for a couple of nights. 
On the way, we stopped in Waco at the Magnolia shop.
It was very cute, but super tiny. They are planning on moving in July to something bigger. 

We also went to Harp Design Co. And saw Clint's shop. I bought this cute wood J for Jesse's room.

And the house they bought for $10,000 and fixed up, was right next door! 

This was our first time away from our kids! 
We both spent the night away from Katie when I had Jesse, but we still saw her everyday. 
And in the past if one of us was away, then the other one was at home. 

We are so thankful to our moms who watched the kids while we were gone.

Katie asked me to send her some pictures while we were away:
She sent this back to us:

I have mentioned a time or a thousand that Marcus and I are opposites. He wanted to see the Capitol.That would not have ever been on my radar of things to do.

But I will say, the architecture was beautiful. 
And look at these hinges that were on every door! 

And the moldings. They just don't make stuff the way they used to!
(now that I'm 40 I can say stuff like that!)

In addition to the trip, Marcus also got me this super cute Consuela purse for my birthday. 
I love it! 
 They are based in Austin, so we went to their store. I got some of their magnets. One day I will think of something creative to do with them. For now they can hold Katie's artwork.
We went to this cute candy shop and soda fountain too. Katie would have thought she died and went to Heaven. They had everything! We got some chocolate covered almonds that I wished I had right now!
We had lots of fun going out to eat, sleeping through the night and being able to finish our sentences. It was nice to get away. It was also nice coming home to our kids!

Just in time for some snow fun!

Today we went to Marcus's brother's house and rode on sled's behind the Gator.

Do you like Marcus's outfit?!

Jesse loved being outside and giggled at Katie the whole time she was sledding. 
He will have a turn next year!

Jeddy, Charley the dog, and Katie:
I love having a few good snow days a year. I am thankful we don't have to deal with it for months at a time though! 

Tomorrow night my friend, Hilary, is setting up her Matilda Jane things if you want to stop by.

You can also order from the website and send it to her email listed above!

 I also decided to pull out all my Golightly's stuff I had left after moving out.
I still have lots of jewelry and scarves and other fun junk.
If you are local and not crazy, you are welcome to come over!


40 and Freezing!

We had a snow day today.
Really it was an ice day.
 Not a flake fell from the sky. 
It was sleet, which is  not as pretty, but still fun for Texas!
Katie was thrilled!
 Thankfully, Marcus was home today and could drive us around. I am a questionable driver on dry ground, so I do not attempt to drive on ice.

We got some hot chocolate and ran a few errands.

 I turned 40 on Friday and so far, so good.
I woke up to some donuts and a treasure hunt!
 I had several clues around the house. 
It ended in the front seat of my car. I got a super cute purse ( I will take a pic) and a surprise trip to Austin!
Marcus and I leave tomorrow. Or really today since it's 1:00am. 
I should go to bed. 

I am excited and a little nervous to leave the kids!  We will just be gone 2 nights, so I think they will survive. I am thankful for our parents who are going to take care of them! 

Friday night we had a family party. 
Here I am with my kids and my nieces and nephews, minus one niece. 

I am so thankful both our families love each other and get along. Here is everyone. 
Not sure how it got blurry since the camera was on a tripod? I look better blurry though! 
The party hats have pictures of me on them! They are from all different ages. I have some good party pictures on my real camera. I will add them when it's not the middle of the night. 

Super cute cake made by my niece!

 The night ended with Katie and I attacking each other with silly string! Fun times!

Then last night my girl friends surprised me with a party! 
Most of their hubbies were there too, but I just took a girl picture!
I have really fun friends!

Rene, the one in the middle and bottom, sent me this:
We have probably been called immature a time or two. 

I am really hoping the packing, ironing, and cleaning fairy will come tonight and make sure I'm ready for my trip! I haven't even watched The Bachelor yet, so I don't have time for such things.


Stitches, Mascara & Wanna Come Over?

 Today is my last day in my thirties! 

I told my friend Laura, that I should go skydiving today. She said, "well, then you would be 39 forever!" She's right. 
I wouldn't die from smashing into the ground. I would die from a heart attack just thinking about jumping out of a plane.

So instead I ran some errands, colored my roots, finished painting some stripes on my walls, and changed two poopy diapers...plus some others. 

I know, I live a glamorous life, but I didn't die!

Tomorrow I am getting my nails done, having a family party and leaving all the diapers to Marcus. It will be a good day!

So, I forgot to mention on my blog that Katie got stitches right before Christmas.
She got injured by pretending to be a unicorn! 
That's normal, right?

She was running and then slid on her knees. The top of her foot got caught on one of our wood floor nails. I guess it shimmied it's way up.
 It was very deep and oh so gross.  
OF COURSE, Marcus was at work when it happened. 
You know the fireman/paramedic.  
I texted him a picture to see if we needed to get stitches. He said go ahead so it wouldn't get infected. 

I get woozy taking out a splinter. 
For real!So this was major!

Katie and I were so brave.

The reason I am remembering to blog about it now, is because we got the bill for those 3 little stitches this week. 
It was $1,000! 
(we have insurance) 
I couldn't believe it!


We got another bill yesterday!
The first bill was for the little ER place. 
The second bill was from the doctor.

Another $952! 

We owe almost $2,000
$651 per stitch.

 For the record, Katie is totally worth it. I am thankful for good medical care, insurance, and a healthy kid. This is really not a big deal in the grand scheme.

On that note...
does anyone want to buy some mascara?!

The main reason I became a presenter for Younique is because I LOVE this magic mascara! It makes me happy and makes my eyes look so much better, younger, and well rested. These are all things I NEEDED in those early months with a new baby. I had spit up all over my shirt, but I could bat my eyelashes at you. 
It just brought me joy that I needed.
And I wanted to share that joy.

Now I want to share the joy AND try to help my hubby pay for some stitches!
 3D Fiber mascara is packaged in two separate bottles. The Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers are used together to enhance and magnify your OWN lashes. You apply it just like regular mascara. A 300% increase in thickness and volume to your lashes while still looking completely real and natural!! It is water resistant, lasts all day, and washes off with ease with your regular face soap! It's $29 and it lasts 3 months!

Here's a video if you are curious how it goes on:

*Anyone who places an order for 2 or more mascaras by the end of Saturday, the 21st, will be entered to win $60 worth of Younique stuff from me! *
You get to pick what you want!
That's enough for a mascara, lip gloss and lip liner. 

Here's my cute friend, Hilary, with the mascara on and all Younique makeup. 

Speaking of Hilary....
She just became a Trunk Keeper for Matilda Jane!

They have the cutest girl clothes. Do you watch Fixer Upper? That's what the Gaines girls are always wearing. So I want to support Hilary in her new business and maybe get Katie an Easter outfit!

So I wanted to invite my blog friends with girls over to see the cute stuff too! 
If you live in the area, and want to come, leave me a comment with your email.

It will be next Sunday, March 1st. That sounds far away, but it's just a little over a week away!

I realize that I used an enormous amount of exclamation points in this post. Please know there were way more that I deleted. 
I just write how I talk. And I am usually TALKING! LIKE! THIS!


Jump For My Love

Today we had a little Valentine's family date!
We went to the "bouncy place". 
It was a surprise for Katie. 

And I guess for Marcus too. He had lots of fun!
Marcus asked how deep the foam pit was. The guy said that the kids usually just land on top.
Well, I guess Marcus is a tiny bit heftier than the kids. 
I am wondering if he will have nightmares about trying to get out of this foam? 
(can you see his head barley popping out?)

Jesse was dying to crawl right into that foam pit! I think we would have lost him. 
Does anyone else want to kiss his face off? Just me?

Marcus lost a sock. When he found it, he was hoping it was really his. Ewww.

Here are my people in action:
I was there too! 
I am too jiggly to jump in public. 
And I had to be the baby wrangler. 

Katie got to pick our lunch place.
Her daddy has her brainwashed!
It is so good that she had a big lunch! 
Tonight as Katie was getting ready for bed, she said "Uh, does anyone have a plan for dinner?!" 
 (I love how diplomatic she was about it. She could have said, MOM you forgot to feed me!)

Marcus was working. He doesn't ever miss a meal, so it wouldn't have happened with him home. 
Mother of the year!
So the girl got a microwaved hot dog at about 9 pm. I balanced it with some apples and milk, so Child Protective Services wouldn't come and take my kids from me! 

I can't remember dinner, but when Katie wakes up, she will have a trail of hearts leading her to some Valentine surprises.

Above all else, I want my kids to know they are loved unconditionally. By us and by God. 

They might be starving, but they will feel loved...and a little hungry.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Last weekend was Disciple Now at our church. It's for all the teenagers. Each grade spends the weekend together at a house. These girls stayed with me when they were in 9th grade. They are Seniors now. 
I have had them in my Sunday school class for 9th, 10th and 12th grade. 

I will cry my eyes out when they graduate and leave me. 
I am excited for them though. 
Anyway, it was a fun weekend! I didn't offer my house this time because Katie and Jesse cramp our style a little bit!

Friday night I was the get away driver for their pranks. Courtney helped drive too.

They went to 3 of the houses where the boys were staying and stole their shoes!
During Sunday School one of the girls googled "church pranks" and this is where they got the idea! Not kidding! (we talk about Jesus in class too)

It was pretty funny seeing the boys come up to church on Saturday morning just in socks though!

The girls tied them all together and put them on the stage:
It was lots of fun and I am so glad they let me be apart of it! 

We also had Charis's birthday party on Saturday! 
She and her twin brother, Drew, are born right next to Christmas. So this was a belated birthday, but easier to plan.
So poor Courtney was up late pranking with me on Friday night and then had to have a tea party ready on Saturday morning!
Charis put makeup on the girls. 
When it was Katie's turn she said, "I'm scared!" I guess she saw a little too much eye poking. So Courtney glammed her up!
Sweet princesses!

We also went to a little Valentine party on Monday with the girls in Katie's Pre-K class. Her social calendar is busier than mine!

 This picture below is Katie's dream come true!
Since I was pregnant with Jesse, Katie has been asking me if she could go down the slide holding on to him. It turns out that Elsa holds Anna going down a snowy slide in the movie. So she has been patiently waiting for Jesse to be big enough.
Marcus took them to McDonald's to play one day when I was sick a couple of weeks ago. And that is where her dream became a reality.
 I am so glad he captured this magical moment! 

I love how much Katie LOVES being a big sister!

My friends and I are planning a trip to Waco next month! 
Hello Fixer Upper
 So maybe there will be pics of us pranking, partying, and playing too! 
Can't wait!