10 Months

I have had a son for 10 months.
Jesse is full of personality.
He is super busy and doesn't stay still for long.
He is into everything. 
And I am not fast enough to keep up with him!

Surprisingly, he doesn't like to swing! Katie would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on a swing if she could!

He loves his big sister more than anyone. 
She can make him belly laugh just by talking.

She loves him too. She always says we have the cutest baby in the world. She practically kisses his face off everyday.
This is at Katie's school on PJ day. Jesse was in jammies too, not just to fit in with the big kids, but mainly because I didn't have time to put him in real clothes. I almost had to go in my PJs that day too! 

Almost every night, he falls asleep in our arms drinking his milk. Today he did it at nap time and I let him sleep on me for 2 hours. I caught up on all my DVRed shows and just enjoyed the cuddles. I don't do that often enough.
I love those little hand dimples.

We will be planning a 1st birthday soon. I need to teach this baby to eat ASAP! I want him to dive into his cake. 
As of right now, he chokes on a puff!


Miss G said...

Dina, he is SO cute!!! Sons are fun! We are about to plan a 2nd birthday party! I don't know what to do for a girl party. :) What are you thinking about? What was Katie's second bday party? Kelly

Nicole said...

So sweet! Cherish that baby boy cuddles. Before long he will be 6'3" and getting ready to graduate from high school. Oh wait, that's my baby boy.

Staci said...

Hand dimples are the best. Olivia actually still has a touch of them. I hope she keeps them forever.

bella said...

I think he is just adorable! I love the brother-sister relationship Katie and Jesse have. I hope this continues forever!