40 and Freezing!

We had a snow day today.
Really it was an ice day.
 Not a flake fell from the sky. 
It was sleet, which is  not as pretty, but still fun for Texas!
Katie was thrilled!
 Thankfully, Marcus was home today and could drive us around. I am a questionable driver on dry ground, so I do not attempt to drive on ice.

We got some hot chocolate and ran a few errands.

 I turned 40 on Friday and so far, so good.
I woke up to some donuts and a treasure hunt!
 I had several clues around the house. 
It ended in the front seat of my car. I got a super cute purse ( I will take a pic) and a surprise trip to Austin!
Marcus and I leave tomorrow. Or really today since it's 1:00am. 
I should go to bed. 

I am excited and a little nervous to leave the kids!  We will just be gone 2 nights, so I think they will survive. I am thankful for our parents who are going to take care of them! 

Friday night we had a family party. 
Here I am with my kids and my nieces and nephews, minus one niece. 

I am so thankful both our families love each other and get along. Here is everyone. 
Not sure how it got blurry since the camera was on a tripod? I look better blurry though! 
The party hats have pictures of me on them! They are from all different ages. I have some good party pictures on my real camera. I will add them when it's not the middle of the night. 

Super cute cake made by my niece!

 The night ended with Katie and I attacking each other with silly string! Fun times!

Then last night my girl friends surprised me with a party! 
Most of their hubbies were there too, but I just took a girl picture!
I have really fun friends!

Rene, the one in the middle and bottom, sent me this:
We have probably been called immature a time or two. 

I am really hoping the packing, ironing, and cleaning fairy will come tonight and make sure I'm ready for my trip! I haven't even watched The Bachelor yet, so I don't have time for such things.


Annemarie225 said...

Happy Birthday! Have a fun trip! I Turn 40 tomorrow-eep! Enjoy your blog and sweet family!

Sara Lynn said...

Your niece seriously makes amazing cakes, if they taste as good as they look that girl will be making money one day!! Have fun in Austin!!

Kacie said...

Happy birthday!! I saw you and Katie at Target on Saturday, but we were leaving so I didn't get a chance to say hi!

Laura said...

Have a fun time on your birthday trip! Go and have fun! The kids will be fine!!

Unknown said...

Totally missed wishing you a happy Bday, sorry, but looks like yall had fun!