A Trip, Snow Much Fun and A Party

 Marcus went on a little road trip this week!

Went to Austin for a couple of nights. 
On the way, we stopped in Waco at the Magnolia shop.
It was very cute, but super tiny. They are planning on moving in July to something bigger. 

We also went to Harp Design Co. And saw Clint's shop. I bought this cute wood J for Jesse's room.

And the house they bought for $10,000 and fixed up, was right next door! 

This was our first time away from our kids! 
We both spent the night away from Katie when I had Jesse, but we still saw her everyday. 
And in the past if one of us was away, then the other one was at home. 

We are so thankful to our moms who watched the kids while we were gone.

Katie asked me to send her some pictures while we were away:
She sent this back to us:

I have mentioned a time or a thousand that Marcus and I are opposites. He wanted to see the Capitol.That would not have ever been on my radar of things to do.

But I will say, the architecture was beautiful. 
And look at these hinges that were on every door! 

And the moldings. They just don't make stuff the way they used to!
(now that I'm 40 I can say stuff like that!)

In addition to the trip, Marcus also got me this super cute Consuela purse for my birthday. 
I love it! 
 They are based in Austin, so we went to their store. I got some of their magnets. One day I will think of something creative to do with them. For now they can hold Katie's artwork.
We went to this cute candy shop and soda fountain too. Katie would have thought she died and went to Heaven. They had everything! We got some chocolate covered almonds that I wished I had right now!
We had lots of fun going out to eat, sleeping through the night and being able to finish our sentences. It was nice to get away. It was also nice coming home to our kids!

Just in time for some snow fun!

Today we went to Marcus's brother's house and rode on sled's behind the Gator.

Do you like Marcus's outfit?!

Jesse loved being outside and giggled at Katie the whole time she was sledding. 
He will have a turn next year!

Jeddy, Charley the dog, and Katie:
I love having a few good snow days a year. I am thankful we don't have to deal with it for months at a time though! 

Tomorrow night my friend, Hilary, is setting up her Matilda Jane things if you want to stop by.

You can also order from the website and send it to her email listed above!

 I also decided to pull out all my Golightly's stuff I had left after moving out.
I still have lots of jewelry and scarves and other fun junk.
If you are local and not crazy, you are welcome to come over!


Unknown said...

Love your new purse, one of those is on my wishlist! It looks like yall had a blast and I can't wait for tonight!

Nicole said...

I'm with Marcus. I would have chosen the Capitol over Magnolia.

Brooklynn said...

I so wanted to come over today! We had church, otherwise I would have! I so appreciate the invite :-)

Tricia Nae said...

I NEED a Consuela bag. In the worst way (ha!!..maybe not need...but pretty close). I also NEED to go to Waco. We used to go all the time to that SPICE store...before I knew about Fixer Upper/Magnolia.