Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Last weekend was Disciple Now at our church. It's for all the teenagers. Each grade spends the weekend together at a house. These girls stayed with me when they were in 9th grade. They are Seniors now. 
I have had them in my Sunday school class for 9th, 10th and 12th grade. 

I will cry my eyes out when they graduate and leave me. 
I am excited for them though. 
Anyway, it was a fun weekend! I didn't offer my house this time because Katie and Jesse cramp our style a little bit!

Friday night I was the get away driver for their pranks. Courtney helped drive too.

They went to 3 of the houses where the boys were staying and stole their shoes!
During Sunday School one of the girls googled "church pranks" and this is where they got the idea! Not kidding! (we talk about Jesus in class too)

It was pretty funny seeing the boys come up to church on Saturday morning just in socks though!

The girls tied them all together and put them on the stage:
It was lots of fun and I am so glad they let me be apart of it! 

We also had Charis's birthday party on Saturday! 
She and her twin brother, Drew, are born right next to Christmas. So this was a belated birthday, but easier to plan.
So poor Courtney was up late pranking with me on Friday night and then had to have a tea party ready on Saturday morning!
Charis put makeup on the girls. 
When it was Katie's turn she said, "I'm scared!" I guess she saw a little too much eye poking. So Courtney glammed her up!
Sweet princesses!

We also went to a little Valentine party on Monday with the girls in Katie's Pre-K class. Her social calendar is busier than mine!

 This picture below is Katie's dream come true!
Since I was pregnant with Jesse, Katie has been asking me if she could go down the slide holding on to him. It turns out that Elsa holds Anna going down a snowy slide in the movie. So she has been patiently waiting for Jesse to be big enough.
Marcus took them to McDonald's to play one day when I was sick a couple of weeks ago. And that is where her dream became a reality.
 I am so glad he captured this magical moment! 

I love how much Katie LOVES being a big sister!

My friends and I are planning a trip to Waco next month! 
Hello Fixer Upper
 So maybe there will be pics of us pranking, partying, and playing too! 
Can't wait!

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Staci said...

I am SO jealous! I'm DYING to go down to her store!

Sorry you were sick. It's been a rough start this year.

Katie and Jesse like adorable on the slide! Don't you hope all of her dreams come true so easily (and so cheap!)