Jump For My Love

Today we had a little Valentine's family date!
We went to the "bouncy place". 
It was a surprise for Katie. 

And I guess for Marcus too. He had lots of fun!
Marcus asked how deep the foam pit was. The guy said that the kids usually just land on top.
Well, I guess Marcus is a tiny bit heftier than the kids. 
I am wondering if he will have nightmares about trying to get out of this foam? 
(can you see his head barley popping out?)

Jesse was dying to crawl right into that foam pit! I think we would have lost him. 
Does anyone else want to kiss his face off? Just me?

Marcus lost a sock. When he found it, he was hoping it was really his. Ewww.

Here are my people in action:
I was there too! 
I am too jiggly to jump in public. 
And I had to be the baby wrangler. 

Katie got to pick our lunch place.
Her daddy has her brainwashed!
It is so good that she had a big lunch! 
Tonight as Katie was getting ready for bed, she said "Uh, does anyone have a plan for dinner?!" 
 (I love how diplomatic she was about it. She could have said, MOM you forgot to feed me!)

Marcus was working. He doesn't ever miss a meal, so it wouldn't have happened with him home. 
Mother of the year!
So the girl got a microwaved hot dog at about 9 pm. I balanced it with some apples and milk, so Child Protective Services wouldn't come and take my kids from me! 

I can't remember dinner, but when Katie wakes up, she will have a trail of hearts leading her to some Valentine surprises.

Above all else, I want my kids to know they are loved unconditionally. By us and by God. 

They might be starving, but they will feel loved...and a little hungry.


Miss G said...

Dina! I love this post so much! I love family Valentine's dates and I am going to have to copy the trail of hearts idea one day. I love your heart for God and the ways you can poke fun at yourself! I have plenty of mother of the year moments myself! :) Happy Valentine's Day!!! Kelly

Brooklynn said...

Dina, you are seriously the best blogger ever! I love your posts!

The trampoline park is so much fun! I agree with you about the jiggle part, I feel the same way! Also, about the jumping up and down.....I'll leave it at that! :-)

Can't believe he is already almost a year old. Time flies!

Unknown said...

We are in the DFW area too - would you mind sharing the name of the trampoline place? I think my boys would love to try it!

Dina said...

We went to Jump Street in Colleyville!