It's Not Snowing

It's actually been almost 80 degrees the last few days, but less than 2 weeks ago it was snowing! 
This was taken about 11:00 at night. It was pouring snow and super bright outside. 

 Marcus had to drive to work the next morning. Firemen don't get snow days. 

So when the roads cleared up a little, I loaded up my kids and headed to my sister's house.
Katie was entertained by her cousins, Jesse slept in the pack and play, and I got to talk with my sis. AND she fed us lunch! It was a good day.

After we got home, Katie played in the back yard while I fed Jesse. And she built a snowman all by herself!

She just came in asking for a carrot! 

I also gave her some m&m's for eyes at first.
But Blue ate those eyes right off the snowman's face!
I don't blame him.

Last week was spring break and it rained almost everyday. AND we got the stomach bug too! It was Jesse's first time to be sick and poor Katie was miserable too. She kept saying, "this is a bad dream. I am ready for it to be over!"
It made me so thankful for our health. 

This week the weather has been so beautiful. 
We are outside a lot. 

On Friday I took Katie to see Cinderella. 
We loved it!
We especially loved Frozen Fever at the beginning.
Then we went to Sam's because Marcus had to get a flat tire replaced. We got stuck there over 3 HOURS! 
We had fun for 2.5 of those hours and then the kids were DONE! 
I wish I could get a hold of the Sam's surveillance video. We had the big cart that holds two kids facing forward. First I was pushing Jesse, Katie AND Marcus in that. Then he was pushing the 3 of us. Then we would have Katie hop off, tell her to look at something "cool", then ditch her and run off! (it was funny, not abusive. We were all dying laughing. I had tears running down my face)

Eventually my parents saved the day and picked up the kids and me. Then of course Marcus's truck was ready 5 minutes later!

Another fun thing we did last week was Whirlyball!
Have you played? It's a mix between track ball and basketball, but you are in a bumper car. 
We played with my in laws. 
This was taken about 2 hours before Jesse threw up on me. I wish I could warn that girl right there!

Also before the barfs started, we went to Bass Pro Shops. 
Maybe Jesse thinks his mom is crazy?

So spring break is over, but things are still fun around here. Katie is the class Queen this week. It's a role she's very comfortable with. 
Marcus and I get to go on a lunch date tomorrow.
 Next week I will be going on a short road trip to Waco with 6 other girls! And then we have a first birthday party and Easter to celebrate. 
Then it will be summer before we know it!
So this post started with snow and ended with summer!


In One Month He Will Be Eating Cake!

Jesse turned 11 months old yesterday! 
I am so proud to be his mom.
He is such a friendly baby. 
I pray that personality trait stays with him forever!

I still feel like he's brand new. I can't believe we will be celebrating his first birthday soon.  
We treat him like a tiny baby still. Maybe because he's our last? Or because I am still in a fog? 

He hardly eats any food at all. He chokes on anything but milk and baby food. 
Last night we let him have a tiny lick of Katie's ice cream. He was a fan.
This month our goal is solid foods...and sleep through the night. That last one has been my goal since his birth!

I am trying to soak up this little baby, cuddly time I have left with him. I know it goes away so fast.

Jesse still puts everything in his mouth (besides food that is). He is usually crawling around with a toy or sock in his mouth. Kind of like a cute puppy!

And this is the face he makes when you hold up the camera and say "CHEESE"!

He didn't eat that corn on the cob. It was his daddy's leftovers. 
He gnawed on it, then threw up. (not pictured, you're welcome)

His hair was really starting to look like someone placed a bad toupee on top of his head. So Marcus shaved it off tonight! 
My little baby Marine. 

Look at all that hair! And it's been cut a few times since he was born.
I couldn't end on a "hair pile" picture. 
We love you Jesse Bryant. You are a joy and a blessing!


I Wonder If I Will Have My Own Cooking Show?

Sunday night I set out all my leftover jewelry, scarves and other stuff from Golightly's. I moved out in January, after 10 years!
(I am hoping to go back maybe after both kids are in school)
I had this stuff in the garage for the last 2 months. It was time to clear it out. My whole dining room table was full of stuff too. Katie REALLY wanted me to keep all of it! She said it was too beautiful to sell.

My friend, Hilary, had all her Matilda Jane stuff set up too. (her instagram is here)
They have the cutest little girl clothes. And they make stuff for mom's too! 
I have never bought anything from them, because it's a little out of our fireman/SAHM price range, but it is adorable. And the quality is so good. Worth every penny. For me it's worthy it for a special occasion outfit.  For you employed people, it's worth it for everyday outfits.
I have heard from several of you that the resale value is high too. 

I loved this outfit for Katie:
Or with the pink capri leggings too.

I really loved this dress, but it just comes in sizes 8-14.
 I want one in my size! 
Some of my friends that couldn't come last night are going to order online. www.matildajaneclothing.com
And you can email your order to HilaryBoozer@MatildaJaneClothing.com
you have until Wednesday morning to order. 

I am not one to share recipes, because I am considered cooking challenged. But I can do snacks. And if people are coming over, I have snacks!

Is it considered a recipe if it comes from a box. 
I think so!

Have you tried these pecan bars?
 I love pecan pie, and this is way easier.

This comes in 3 separate packages; the crust, the filling and the pecans. PLUS I added ingredients like butter, eggs and water. That sounds like a recipe to me!

 I also made a cheese ball. 
I got this recipe from my friend, Jennifer. 
I usually have to text her every time I make it, but I finally have it memorized.
It's a whopping 4 ingredients.
Here is a link.
I serve it with pita chips, crackers, or Marcus's favorite, Fritos. 

I had other yummy junk food too, but I won't bore you with a brownie box recipe. Or how to make a bowl of m&m's!

It was fun to have some girls over and hang out! And I really love to support other women in their small business...while I eat pecan bars!