In One Month He Will Be Eating Cake!

Jesse turned 11 months old yesterday! 
I am so proud to be his mom.
He is such a friendly baby. 
I pray that personality trait stays with him forever!

I still feel like he's brand new. I can't believe we will be celebrating his first birthday soon.  
We treat him like a tiny baby still. Maybe because he's our last? Or because I am still in a fog? 

He hardly eats any food at all. He chokes on anything but milk and baby food. 
Last night we let him have a tiny lick of Katie's ice cream. He was a fan.
This month our goal is solid foods...and sleep through the night. That last one has been my goal since his birth!

I am trying to soak up this little baby, cuddly time I have left with him. I know it goes away so fast.

Jesse still puts everything in his mouth (besides food that is). He is usually crawling around with a toy or sock in his mouth. Kind of like a cute puppy!

And this is the face he makes when you hold up the camera and say "CHEESE"!

He didn't eat that corn on the cob. It was his daddy's leftovers. 
He gnawed on it, then threw up. (not pictured, you're welcome)

His hair was really starting to look like someone placed a bad toupee on top of his head. So Marcus shaved it off tonight! 
My little baby Marine. 

Look at all that hair! And it's been cut a few times since he was born.
I couldn't end on a "hair pile" picture. 
We love you Jesse Bryant. You are a joy and a blessing!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness he is such a cutie!!

donna said...

We love you too Jesse Bryant. We are blessed to have such wonderful grandchildren