I Miss You!

I miss my blog and my blog people! 

I need to fit blogging into my day, because it's how I am documenting Katie and Jesse's childhood. I don't have a scrapbook or album anywhere! 

Katie practically has every sneeze and toot recorded. Jesse will see that he was born...then he had a first birthday!
 (I love you just as much Jesse, promise!)

So here is our life lately:

We went to visit Marcus at the fire station last week!

This little toot is still a toot! 

Katie got roller skates at my sister in law's garage sale. They are her new favorite thing and she wants to wear them ALL THE TIME!  

I went to a lingerie shower for my friend and brought these cute cookies my (almost 16 year old) niece made! She's the cake baker, but she makes delicious cookies too.

Katie got one and she thought it was so funny to eat an underwear cookie! 

We have had lots and lots of rain here lately, so our flowers are blooming!

I am loving the spring weather. 
Soon it will be melt your face off weather, and I am not really a fan.

See you soon!
For real though!


On My Toes

This boy, who cannot even walk yet, is a mountain climber.

He pushed a box by the potty to climb on top.

Then he emptied Marcus's library.
and he said, "UH OH!" 500 times.
And he's the one that took the toilet paper off the holder. 
It ended up in the toilet.  The whole roll!

Here he climbed on the chair to get to Katie's table. Stinker!
It's not like we are just taking a nap and letting him roam free. We turn around for one second to maybe brush our teeth, or sneeze and he's up to something! 

This will be fun!

Look how harmless he looks while he sleeps:

I wish the flash didn't go off for this picture. I love how Jesse is looking at Katie. He looks at her like that all the time. They love each other so much!
 They are complete opposites. Katie never climbed on anything, unless she asked permission 12 times first. 

She is lots of fun too. Katie and Marcus went to the deer lease for a couple of days last week. 
She helped catch this fish. gross. Then they threw it back, because neither of them eat fish. 

Panting with the dogs:

 When she got back in town, we went to see Home with her cousins, Ryan and Morgan. 
It was really cute. 
Katie's not in the picture. She got a little emotional after the movie.There were some sad/anxious parts and it hit her when it was over and she wasn't eating popcorn anymore!

And random, but have you seen these necklaces at Walmart? $7!!
They are like the ones I used to sell for $25!
I got the yellow one. They feel much cheaper than my other ones, and the chain link part did break already. (it can be fixed) BUT for $7, I still think it's a bargain! 

Jesse is safely sleeping in his bed right now, and that's why I have time to sit for 5 minutes and blog. I am just now wondering how long I have until he starts climbing out of that crib?!
 I may need to invest in one of those cage/net things that goes on top!


Wacko Waco Trip

A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip with some friends to Waco!
It's just a little over an hour from here. 

Michelle, Rene, Me, Courtney, Catherine, Paige

Waco is not really a tourist destination, but we just wanted to get AWAY.  
So this was a good, close, inexpensive choice. And two of our girls are Baylor grads, so they knew the good places to go.
We stopped at Magnolia first. It was packed. I am excited for them to open up the shop in the silos and have more room. And also, it's another excuse for a road trip!  
I am so happy for their success.

Then we went to Spice. It was the cutest shop. We ate lunch downstairs first. 
I didn't have to feed anyone, wipe mouths, pick up food off the floor or anything!

I almost got that turquoise crown for Katie's room. Maybe I need to go back?

Then we got to our hotel. Courtney had to bring her Keurig machine. I told her if I owned a Slurpee machine, I would have brought it too!

Catherine and Rene made us cute swag bags. 
And this is Paige and Rene, by the way. Don't give her any credit for the bags. 
Oh and we are in a fake sorority, because we are complete dorks like that. 
The "in case of emergency" were some extra undies. I don't think anyone had to use theirs, but I almost had to about 5 times! (you know from laughing too hard. I don't have issues)
We had Mexican food that night, but no pictures. And then stayed up WAY too late, but got to sleep in! 

Brunch the next morning:

On the way out of town we stopped at Common Grounds. (They were on Fixer Upper too) It was a super cute place!

While I was out of town, Marcus took the kids to an egg hunt, because he's awesome.

And when I got back in town, I wanted to crawl straight into my bed, BUT I went to a car show with my family. That's the right thing to do after you ditch them for a night.

Katie picked IHOP for our dinner. 
And I gave Jesse his first lemon!

I love my family, but it was so nice to get away with my friends. 
Hopefully it will happen again soon!


Let Him Eat Cake!

Jesse is ONE! 
We couldn't wait to turn him around in the car seat. I love seeing that sweet face looking back at me. 

His birthday was on Friday the 3rd. 
We had his party on Easter since our families would be together at our house anyway. 
Here's the cute invitation my friend Catherine made. 
She has a booming business, you can check out here.  

 And these pictures were taken by one of the senior girls in my Sunday School class. She did such a great job! I never got a cute picture of Katie and Jesse on Easter, so I am glad to have this one!

The cakes and cupcakes were, of course, made by my niece, Melissa!

I bought the kids Easter outfits, but never got around to myself. I picked something out Easter morning. I don't even match. My dress is from Walmart and it was too long. In the words of Elsa, I had to "let it go". The day is all about Jesus after all. And I bet nobody's life depends on what I wear...hopefully.

Jesse was not sure about the cake at first. 
He liked how it felt!

We put his fingers in his mouth so he would know that cake is not just fun to squish, it's delicious too!
He's a fan!

We had to go straight to the bath after that.

He got so many fun presents!

Then it was egg hunt time. 
I love Katie's face. She was so excited!

The hunters:

My parents with the birthday boy:

Marcus's parents:

His sister and family:

His brother and family:

And my sister and family:
Our families get along so well. My sister and Marcus's sister work together. And my 2 nephews (one from each side of the family) are BFF's.  
It's fun being all together and we are thankful for that!

I took pictures before all the chaos:

My sister recovered and painted my card table and chairs for my birthday!

This was from Easter morning when Katie was opening her basket. She LOVES this unicorn towel. She was trying to look at me and smile, but couldn't take her eyes off the unicorn!

And this was Friday morning, when this little cutie turned one!
I wish I looked like this right when I woke up!

We went and rode the little train in Fort Worth.

A few family members were able to come:

I thought it was funny that Marcus and his brother kind of dressed alike. I asked if they called each other. 
Twins...13 years apart.

Lunch at Dutch's!

Uncle David got Katie and ice cream cone.
It was a fun day!

Jesse Bryant, I am so proud to be your mom! 
And we are so thankful to have you in our family. 
I can't wait to see what God has in store for your life!