I Miss You!

I miss my blog and my blog people! 

I need to fit blogging into my day, because it's how I am documenting Katie and Jesse's childhood. I don't have a scrapbook or album anywhere! 

Katie practically has every sneeze and toot recorded. Jesse will see that he was born...then he had a first birthday!
 (I love you just as much Jesse, promise!)

So here is our life lately:

We went to visit Marcus at the fire station last week!

This little toot is still a toot! 

Katie got roller skates at my sister in law's garage sale. They are her new favorite thing and she wants to wear them ALL THE TIME!  

I went to a lingerie shower for my friend and brought these cute cookies my (almost 16 year old) niece made! She's the cake baker, but she makes delicious cookies too.

Katie got one and she thought it was so funny to eat an underwear cookie! 

We have had lots and lots of rain here lately, so our flowers are blooming!

I am loving the spring weather. 
Soon it will be melt your face off weather, and I am not really a fan.

See you soon!
For real though!

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Miss G said...

We had those red lilies at my house growing up. Seeing that photo makes me happy. Kelly