Wacko Waco Trip

A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip with some friends to Waco!
It's just a little over an hour from here. 

Michelle, Rene, Me, Courtney, Catherine, Paige

Waco is not really a tourist destination, but we just wanted to get AWAY.  
So this was a good, close, inexpensive choice. And two of our girls are Baylor grads, so they knew the good places to go.
We stopped at Magnolia first. It was packed. I am excited for them to open up the shop in the silos and have more room. And also, it's another excuse for a road trip!  
I am so happy for their success.

Then we went to Spice. It was the cutest shop. We ate lunch downstairs first. 
I didn't have to feed anyone, wipe mouths, pick up food off the floor or anything!

I almost got that turquoise crown for Katie's room. Maybe I need to go back?

Then we got to our hotel. Courtney had to bring her Keurig machine. I told her if I owned a Slurpee machine, I would have brought it too!

Catherine and Rene made us cute swag bags. 
And this is Paige and Rene, by the way. Don't give her any credit for the bags. 
Oh and we are in a fake sorority, because we are complete dorks like that. 
The "in case of emergency" were some extra undies. I don't think anyone had to use theirs, but I almost had to about 5 times! (you know from laughing too hard. I don't have issues)
We had Mexican food that night, but no pictures. And then stayed up WAY too late, but got to sleep in! 

Brunch the next morning:

On the way out of town we stopped at Common Grounds. (They were on Fixer Upper too) It was a super cute place!

While I was out of town, Marcus took the kids to an egg hunt, because he's awesome.

And when I got back in town, I wanted to crawl straight into my bed, BUT I went to a car show with my family. That's the right thing to do after you ditch them for a night.

Katie picked IHOP for our dinner. 
And I gave Jesse his first lemon!

I love my family, but it was so nice to get away with my friends. 
Hopefully it will happen again soon!


Tricia Nae said...

So fun!! I love to shop at Spice. But I didn't know about Magnolia the last time we were there! Sounds like a time to go back. I just love Fixer Upper. I want to be friends with Chip & Joanna!! Ha. And, have her decorate my house...of course!

Dina said...

Yes! I want that too! I guess we should move to Waco!

The Hoelscher Five said...

My husband took one for the marital team and took me shopping at Magnolia and Spice on the same day. I saw you in Spice, but was too embarrassed to say "Hi, I'm a complete stranger who reads your blog." LOL! I can't wait to go back this summer to the Silos!

Dina said...

What?! You should've said hi!!! I hope I was acting normal when you saw me!

Susan said...

I love Spice and Magnolia. Waco is such a fun little day trip from Dallas. I have to know where you ate Mexican food, and was it good? We always stop at La Fiesta in Waco because my friend who grew up there says it is the best.