A Wedding, 2 Birthdays, and Graduation

I went to the most beautiful wedding on Saturday! 

It's been about a year and a half in the making. 
One day I called my friend, Susan, and told her I had the perfect girl for her son! 
Susan and me

Within 45 minutes, Matt contacted Julie and asked her out!

Then a little over a year later they got engaged! 
And now they are married and honeymooning in Hawaii. 
They are a match made in Heaven! 

I can't even take credit, because it was really God that told me they should be together. I feel humbled and honored to be the matchmaker. 

Susan invited me to the rehearsal dinner and it was amazing!

And she gifted me with this beautiful flower arrangement!

The wedding was perfect and so "them". 

This was Katie's first wedding and she loved it. She's been talking about them nonstop. " I bet they are having lots of fun in Hawaii! And I bet they can't stop kissing each other!"

She's probably right!

Julie works in the youth department at our church, so lots of them came to the wedding. 

Here I am with some of the girls from my Sunday School class. They are all taller than me! 

After the wedding, we went to a little birthday party for my mom!
She was on a cruise on her actual birthday, so this was a little belated. 

Not sure why my dad put a zero candle on there. She's not zero. She's zero plus 67.
Jesse grabbed that cake right after this picture. 

He fell asleep within a minute of getting in the car. His hand didn't even have time to lower yet from rubbing his eyes, before he conked out.

The party continued...
Yesterday was Senior Sunday.

All the seniors were recognized during church, then there was a luncheon. They had a slideshow of each kid growing up. So sweet. It makes you realize how quickly time passes! 

These are my girls and I love them to pieces. I will miss them so much next year. And I am also excited to hear about all their college adventures!

My niece, Melissa, turned 16 this weekend! Her party is on Friday, but the kids and I took her to lunch today. 
(Next time remind me to leave Jesse at home. He's cute, but not a fun lunch date.)

She got a new trampoline for her birthday and she showed Katie some tricks. 
This was AFTER we ate Mexican food. You can do that kind of thing when you're 16.
I am so thankful for all the lovely people in my life. 
I am blessed for sure!


Hautemama said...

Your pink dress is so pretty-where'd you find it?

Unknown said...

That picture of Jesse fallen asleep is just scrumptious! Those thighs! Kelly

Dina said...

Thanks! I have had it several years, so it's an oldie!

Dina said...

I know! I love all his sleeping pics!