I know Mother's Day is old news by now, but it has to be documented! 

Marcus was at the fire station on Mother's day, so I met my family out to eat after church.
Have you been out to eat with a one year old? 
My picture looks better in black and white, because Jesse had me sweating. He's not going with me to a restaurant for a loooong time.
I love my kids and I am thankful and humbled to be their mom!

My mom with her grands...

We had Marcus's parents over for dinner on Monday night since he missed Mother's Day. I had him hide behind his mom, because he didn't have a cute outfit on. :)
Let me just say, I would not be surviving motherhood if it weren't for my mom and mother-in-law. They are such a HUGE help to me! I am grateful! 

We also got to celebrate my super cute nieces' birthdays! 
Jennifer and Melissa:
Melissa made the fabulous cake!

Katie finished up the soccer class she was taking at the rec center. 
She really liked it! She's a good mix of girly girl and tom boy.

And this punkin is ALL BOY:
Jesse climbed into his umbrella stroller backwards and then he fell face first to the ground.
I was SURE his nose was broken.
(I promise he's not a neglected child. He's just faster than me!)

We went to the doctor the next day and everything looked good.
He is healing really well and is as cute as ever! 

 The day Jesse went to the doctor, it was also Pastries with Parents day at Katie's school. So my mom filled in as the parent.
Katie was thrilled and didn't miss me a bit! 

The other day Marcus wanted to go for a walk and I really wanted a Coke Icee. So we joined forces and walked to get a Coke Icee.
We were both happy. 
We have to think creatively to make our "oppositeness" work. 

Can you believe it's about to be Memorial Day? I feel like Christmas JUST happened! 
And now it's already time for Hobby Lobby to start decking the halls for the holidays!

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