GRAY and The Princess and Jester

We have a contract on our house! 

Tomorrow we are getting our sewer line checked for leaks. We are praying there are none! 
If there are, it could cost up to $10,000 to fix. 

Let me see if I have $10,000 in my purse....umm, no!

I decided to paint gray over my pink dining room. Let's get real, pink probably appeals to about 5 people. Katie and I are two of them. And then maybe 3 of her friends. 
Marcus didn't even realize it was pink.
Now it's Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams.

The living room got painted the same color about a month ago. 

The kitchen got "grayed" too. I feel like such a grown up!
The gray got us a contract, so I like it! 
I painted my awning heirloom white too. 

I am thinking the new house will have mostly neutral walls, but I will still have colorful accessories. I'm trying to look around for ideas. I want to move in and have it decorated the next day. 
Or really flip that. 
Decorate it, then move in. 
I'm so ready! 

On Sunday night we went to a friend's house to pick up some moving boxes. Katie thought this was the appropriate attire. I was severely undressed.

I need to include the boy too!

Jesse has been making faces at Katie during meal time to make her laugh. It works every time! She giggles herself silly!
He's so funny! 
Especially with jelly on his face.
 He is starting to big boy things. It's so crazy, because I feel like he's still a newborn! The things we need to work on are waking up after the sun is up, breaking up with the bottle (honestly I don't see that happening anytime soon) and he calls me Dadda! 

And he's so proud of it too. He pats me, looks at me lovingly in the eyes and says, "Dadda!"

He's about to get a full lesson on pregnancy, heart burn, c-sections, breast feeding, and stretch marks if he doesn't say Momma soon!


Nicole said...

You must have been going crazy these past several weeks with those GRAY walls! LOL! You might paint neutral in your new house, but I'm taking bets on how long that will last! :)

Dirt Princess said...

Ya'll should totally let Chip and Joanna Gaines do a house for ya'll! Don't you live close to Waco. I would LOVE for them to find me a fixer upper ;-)

Dina said...

I would love that too! We don't live close enough to Waco though.

Dina said...

Ha! You know me too well! :) Maybe my decorating is maturing since I'm 40 now!?

Stacey said...

Dina!! Your house is beautiful!! Honestly, you could make a cardboard box cute! You got talent girl:)
What kind of paint did you use on the awning? Spray paint or regular wall paint? I'm also in the process of trying to make my house look a little more grown up! I love me some color and patterns!
Post more pictures of your house! I need ideas!

Staci said...

So ready to see photos of the new house!!
Speaking of house, I need to get out of mine soon. Want to meet up for play date soon?

Dina said...

Yes. We would love to get together! It might have to be after the move. The next 3 weeks will be crazy. We are able to get in the new house early to start painting!

Dina said...

The awning is painted Heirloom White. It's spray paint by Rustoleum. I love it and have used it on lots of things in my house.

Unknown said...

yay! so happy for you!! Kelly

Brooklynn said...

I am moving! I want you to come decorate when it's time! Pa-LEASE?!!!!! :)

the undomesticated wife said...

Good luck with the move! Can't wait to see how you decorate the new house. :)

Unknown said...

thank you

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Mackenzie Turrill said...

Oh my..that last part about your little man proudly calling you 'dada' had me in stitches..so funny! And don't you hate having to tuck in your whimsical, color-loving self?! Boo! Pink FoReVER!

Dina said...