Katie Belle started kindergarten on Monday!

The first day of school calls for sponge rollers.

 Our new house is close enough to walk!
 Dropping her off was harder than I anticipated!
Marcus really hates it! He says we are practically empty nesters now!
 I am so thankful Katie loves it. There were some tears Monday night, because she missed us. But Tuesday morning she was ready to go back.

Today was day 3 and she's still smiling!

Jesse misses her and asks for her during the day. Today he was in her room and I kept hearing him say, "stuck stuck!" This is what I found:
 He was happy and said, "hat!" Of course I had to get a picture. Then I tried to take it off and he was right, it was STUCK!

I called Marcus at the fire station, because I assumed he would have the solution. First he asked if I got a picture. Then he said, "you've got to get it off!" 

K, thanks.

I wiggled it until it finally came off. He still had a line across his forehead when he went to bed! Crazy boy!

Here he is making himself at home in Katie's classroom:
We all miss KB tons, but I'm excited for her! She's always my second set of eyes watching Jesse too. So I'm guessing I will have several more adventures to share!


Nicole said...

Congrats Katie and mama! A big day for sure!!!

Tonja said...

Yay! for Kindergarten! I can't believe she is that big already. I hope she likes school this year :)